reality distortion field

DSC05257active in rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

it’s complicated

DSC00363berlin alexanderplatz, 2019


IMG_20190226_135304_338-01hamm, stadt der zugteilung, 2019


DSC04675i learned a new word in kassel, 2017


madame et monsieur 500 volt

P3244501köln-deutz, march 2017

station blues

P3244510köln-deutz, 2017


P6063194-Bearbeitetenjoying the view at train station mannheim, 2016

orange on wheels

orange on wheelsi’m back from my short trip to italy. this was shot at the station in ancona.

station to station

station to stationa (probably the) beautiful part of the station viersen where i had to change trains last weekend. this photograph is obviously part of the lamp post series again.