bq aquaris x

silver lining (in fall)

berlin charlottenburg, 2020

graphical encounter

i’ve found this on my phone… berlin moabit, 2019

another yellow square

berlin, balkonien, 2020

father’s vegetable patch

…after he left, niederrhein, 2019

bill callahan – morning is my godmother (click, hear)

office space

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, berlin, 201(9|8)


IMG_20190226_135304_338-01hamm, stadt der zugteilung, 2019


berlin weissensee, 2019

it happened in the street

berlin moabit, 2019

the whip

berlin moabit, 2019

lost in k

berlin txl, 2018

second second hand portrait

berlin moabit, 2019

first second hand portrait

berlin moabit, 2019

driving home for christmas

somewhere between hannover and bielefeld, 2018

i’ll spare you the music…

the trouble with travel

other people, berlin txl, 2018

my autumn’s done come

berlin mitte, 2018

lee hazlewood – my autumn’s done come (click, hear)

driving home from christmas


in a train somewhere between roosendaal and dordrecht. yesterday.

they say the best camera is the one that’s with you. in this case it was not that simple – the (presumably) best camera was buried in my suitcase, the second best camera was deep in my rucksack… so i tried the third best camera (my mobile phone) and yes, i am quite pleased with the result.