(not only) the colours of berlin

berlin tiergarten, 27.02.2022

watching the watcher

it was nice on the ice… berlin friedrichshain, 2021

markets of hong kong 香港

as promised… the journey continues… some impressions from some hong kong markets, winter 2017

take them to church

PB280880hong kong, 2017

the ice rink

DSC09688grefrath, 2017

no, i didn’t skate…


madame et monsieur 500 volt

P3244501köln-deutz, march 2017

wi wi winterland

dsc08386berlin friedrichshain, 2017

here they come

P7222024la la la la la la

berlin, mitte, 2016

night watch

night watchrembrandt’s De compagnie van kapitein Frans Banninck Cocq en luitenant Willem van Ruytenburgh maakt zich gereed om uit te marcheren in the rijksmuseum, amsterdam.

this picture is quite unusual for me because it has people in it. lots of people, even painted people. it won’t happen again soon.