an ecken

DSC00875-2düsseldorf, 2020


DSC00880düsseldorf, 2020

wiggly plane

DSC00941düsseldorf, 2019


DSC00921yes, i’ve been to düsseldorf! this is the central building of frank gehry’s neuer zollhof.

düsseldorf, 2019


P8260591-2düsseldorf, 2018

rectangles! count them all!

P8260594düsseldorf, 2018


DSC02012some palm trees from düsseldorf, 2018

public transport (colour version)

P3014040-Bearbeitetdetail of a train door, düsseldorf, 2017


DSC00758it’s carnival season and ‘helau!’ is the narrenruf in one of the capitals of carnival in germany – düsseldorf (as opposed to ‘alaaf’ in the even bigger capital of carnival – cologne). this is a window of the haus des karnevals in düsseldorf’s old town. i found it surprisingly austere.

you typically don’t get to notice  anything carnivalistic over here in berlin. that’s actually quite okay, though :)

cornered blue

DSC00825-Bearbeitetanother one from düsseldorf, 2015



düsseldorf, 2015

gate wide open

gate wide open

düsseldorf, germany.

lab view

lab view

from an ice cream parlour in düsseldorf.

is that all there is

to a fire?

to a fire?

to a circus?

to a circus?

to love?

to love?

by special request of fellow blogger Ashley Lily Scarlett.

p.j. harvey’s version of ‘is that all there is’ (click, hear) 



yes, it’s an actual spiderweb and not something metaphorical this time :)

from the tomás saraceno exhibition in the k21 ständehaus in düsseldorf.
these spiderwebs are actually not the main attraction but a giant steel wire net in three levels about 25 meters above the ground that you can climb into if you don’t have a problem with getting a bit of vertigo… i found it to be a lot of fun.


backdoorthis is for ashley and richard, makers of the fine blog between scarlett and guest  who seem to definitely share my fascination for manikins and the uncanny valley they are able to lead us into.

art is hard

art is harda classic subject in street photography: the carrying man.

some excellent street photography (and of course other carrying people) can be found just one click away at https://125tel.wordpress.com/

this was shot in düsseldorf some weeks ago.

tired of palms

tired of palmsif i hadn’t taken this photograph i would never had guessed that this is from düsseldorf again…

for jenny (apparently)

for jenny (apparently)


found in düsseldorf.



if you like lines (i do) this is for you!

this is a as close to an easter egg as it might get here…