a little photo site based in berlin. all people that might be visible on the photos are most probably me…

if you should be interested in what equipment i use, head over to the gear page and if you want to take a quick glance over the content of this site you could use the gallery link (i update the gallery manually so it usually does not reflect the most current state of the blog)

there is also a page documenting some of the concerts that i attended in the last years: cncrt pctrs. and of course the people you can see there are most probably not me…  only recently i’ve started contributing pictures and texts to the concert blog it’s only music but live.

apropos me – if you’d like to contact me (e.g. for a photowalk if you happen to be in berlin :)), try this little form below. i’m Peter by the way!

ps: i’m also on tumblr (http://dothob.tumblr.com) where i find the pictures much better presented but i still prefer wordpress because of the friendly neighbours.

pps: and i am once more (and only very recently)  on tumblr together with a great friend and we’re doing a kind of collaborative picturebook over there at http://nientedavendere.tumblr.com






  1. Love your blog. Thanks for popping by the wordpress for the quiet hedonist. I am half german, love Berlin. Wish I was there RIGHT now :) it has many similar qualities to Melbourne. I often say, Berlin is a bigger version of the best parts of melbourne.

    1. i’ve never been to melbourne but i’d bet you could find the worst parts of melbourne in berlin, too ;)
      but you are right, berlin really is a great city to live in.
      thank you for visiting!

  2. Great images! I love shots that bring the ordinary and every day to life – the things we walk past and don’t see, things we take for granted! :)

    1. thank you very much for all the likes and your friendly comments. i guess you summed it up quite well – bringing the ordinary to life, i really like that ;)

    1. wow, thank you. that is very nice of you and a great honour. i’ll think about how to bring this to life in one of my next posts. btw. you have a lot of great photos on your site, too!

  3. thanks for stopping by and liking my post. You have some very nice photos. It looks like you have experimented with quite a variety of photo subjects. Keep up the good work.

    1. hi lynne, that is quite a challenging question, but you knew that already ;)
      i’d think the remnants of the wall could be interesting. then obviously a city tour. this can be done
      with public transportation (bus line 100) and is by far cheaper than the guided tours (but of course unguided).
      pay a visit to the fernsehturm at alexanderplatz if the weather is fine. it’s a great view from above.
      you should make an advance booking there to avoid the queues, though. then take a stroll from alexanderplatz to
      the brandenburg gate via unter den linden. it’s can be very lovely in may. the berliner dom is on this route, too.
      this is of course not really insider stuff here, but if you are in berlin for only a short (and probably the first) time, the basics have to suffice ;)
      have fun!

      1. So kind and such a speedy reply. I’ve copied, pasted and printed – it gives me a start on what to be looking for. The wall is of course big on my list – what is left – where is the best place to see this? And does Check Point Charlie still exist … and if so, where? You are right, it will be a first trip and only enough for a mere taste but I am looking forward to it. I have not usually been eager to visit the large cities any more but I do think Berlin will be very interesting, especially for it’s recent history.

      2. you’re welcome, lynne! check point charly does still exist as a re-enactment at the same point where it ever was (friedrichstrasse/charlottenstrasse) but i don’t think it’s terribly interesting. but then of course it’s not too bad and it’s
        easy to get there. the rests of the wall with the famous pictures on it (“east-side gallery”) start right at
        station ostbahnhof. there are also a bit more realistic (read: depressing) leftovers of the wall at bernauer strasse (http://www.berliner-mauer-gedenkstaette.de/en/). very impressive!
        you might also be interested in the traenenpalast (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tr%C3%A4nenpalast) right at bahnhof friedrichstrasse.
        there one can pass through an “original” check-point (from probably the seventies).
        the nice thing about berlin is that it indeed is a quite big city but you normally won’t notice it (except in your feet in the evening ;))

      3. I thought the Checkpoint might be interesting since I am of an age when I remember the wall going up and the nightly news carried stories of those trying to escape from the east. Thank you for your additional info on the wall – I think this will be most helpful. Wunderbar and Danke. [that and wie gehts are all I remember of long ago German lessons and not even sure I spelled either correctly.] ;)

  4. thanks for the recent like. Once again I enjoyed looking at your recent posts. You have a good eye for finding those everyday moments and places that we often miss because we are always in a hurry.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my photos! Thanks also for the follow! I appreciate it very much. I look forward to following your blog. :-)

  6. Hi!

    Thank you for checkin out my site. Like your photography too. You really have an eye for situations and details that many people would miss. This is aesthetic stuff that I “get”. :)


  7. Thank you for your like on my blog and through it leading me to yours – which I really enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing more of your observations and great photos :)

  8. Thx for the likes … I’m intrigued by the Blog’s subtitle ‘there is no “not enough light” there is only “not enough time”‘ ;)

  9. Wow! Such great shots. I love your eye for the wonder in small spaces. Your photography is a reminder of the beautiful world that surrounds us.

  10. Hey, welcome onboard!
    I’m pleased to see that you are following my latest blogging adventure at Shop Fronts of Sheffield http://shopfrontsofsheffield.com/
    I want to build the content this week so that the site has a bit of depth. After that the volume of posts will slow down a bit.
    What do you think of the Mixfolio theme? I like how it separates the images from the comments and information using the three tabs once you click through. So far I’m pleased with how the site looks and it’s my first .com!!!
    As always I welcome your comments or feedback about how the blog works etc.
    Have a great week, best wishes, N :-)

    1. hi, some great shop fronts that you have there…
      i like the mixfolio theme for its presentation style (big picture!) but the tabs that you like obviously always kept me from using it. it’s so difficult (exaggeration!) to ‘like’ something in this theme. i like all information in one place and good old like button right beneath it. call me old fashioned ;)
      but the picture size and the layout is indeed very good!

      so keep them coming.

      1. That’s an interesting point about the “likes” button and I hadn’t even considered it! I think that with very free wordpress theme there is a compromise to be made. It is funny how I thought I had deliberated over all the pros and cons before settling on Mixfolio and then you mention the one thing I overlooked! :-) The tab thing allowed me to add an older version of the Rare and Racy shop sign in the info tab without changing or imposing on the original image ie it doesn’t detract from the shop front originally posted.
        I appreciate your support and comments, best wishes, Nigel

      2. you are absolutely right regarding the compromise with the free wordpress themes… i often contemplate a swith of theme because of the too small display of landscape oriented shots but i haven’t found another theme yet.

  11. thank you for the like and bringing me to this interesting photoblog! looking forward to see more…

  12. Ich liebe Detailaufnahmen … und deine sind fantastisch :) Werde gleich folgen und oft vorbeischauen!

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