reflections of typography

P5095977berlin moabit, 2017

public transport (colour version)

P3014040-Bearbeitetdetail of a train door, düsseldorf, 2017

rëtürn öf thë ümläüt (just grab a beer)

DSC09143the berliner bürgerbräu brewery in berlin friedrichshagen at sunset.

it was the oldest brewery in berlin (founded 1869) until it was closed down in 2010. now it’s not even a brewery anymore.

spring is in the air

DSC09138-Bearbeitet-2friedrichshagen, berlin, march 2017

maurits was here

dsc08269berlin friedrichshain, 2017

prickly relationship 

pb272609-6berlin lichtenberg, 2016


pc283343niederrhein, december 2016

(and i promise this is the last one of my dabblings in landscape photography – for now :))

oh buoy

pc283256niederrhein, december 2016


pc273147a tree, reflections, yellow… of course i could not resist.

venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

not mirrorless

dsc03019berlin friedrichshain, 2016


dsc07246friedrichshain,  berlin, 2016

the monty hall situation

pb122152i guess i’ll just take the middle door… no, wait! 

berlin, mitte, 2016

autumn has arrived

_a290411-2and he still sports a cool car…

berlin friedrichshain, 2016


pa211403berlin, tiergarten/schöneberg, 2016

dans la nive

dsc05750-bearbeitet-2house fronts in bayonne, reflected in the river nive, 2016

head shots

DSC02865berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

the cabin in the streets

DSC03299berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

i really like how the colours are shifting through this picture…


DSC02804berlin, kreuzberg, 2016

shiny shiny

DSC02757kreuzberg, berlin, 2016

reflections of sweden

DSC02059sweden, 2016

i’m back in berlin, this blog will soon return to normal operations :)