beneath us only sky

DSC06480-Bearbeitetberlin schöneberg, 2019

the science of the lamp

DSC06514-Bearbeitetoptics of course…, berlin charlottenburg, 2019

sign of the times

DSC06369-Bearbeitetberlin kreuzberg, 2019

prince – sign o’the times (click, hear)


DSC06523-Bearbeitetberlin charlottenburg, 2019

human tetris performance – guillaume reymond (click, hear)

saul and me

DSC03253one of my favourite saul leiter photographs – and me… munich, 2019

made in munich at the wonderful Saul Leiter Retrospective at the Versicherungskammer Bayern. the exhibition is still running until 15th september, so hurry up.




gesloten met vakantie

rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

see you soon!

insert title here

trier, 2019

…and we’re out again

DSC01111-Bearbeitetniederrhein, 2019


DSC00250friedrichshagen, berlin, 2019

same same

DSC00233-Bearbeitet-3…but different – müggelsee, berlin, 2019


DSC09549-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2019

mare nostrum

DSC09800-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

with holes

P9080890barcelona, 2018


another car, another place – niederrhein, 2019

wet confetti

dsc08090berlin treptow (trust me on this), 2018

the dark night of the soul

winter solstice, tübingen, 2018

david lynch – the dark night of the soul (click, hear)

many descriptions

DSC08476somewhat work related, tübingen, 2018

to rococo rot feat. arto lindsay – many descriptions (click, hear)

in flowers

DSC08075berlin friedrichshain, 2018

exist strategy – happy birthday to me (click,hear)

weird aquarium

P9161168tübingen, 2018

send in the clouds

DSC07264berlin friedrichshain, 2018