hannover, 2023

feeling watched

berlin mitte, 2023

urban standard

berlin friedrichshain, 2023

pieces of pavia (v)

pavia, italy, 2022

treppauf treppab

berlin friedrichshain, 2022

am kottivi

(the last one from kottbusser tor… for now…) berlin kreuzberg, 2022

(wait… is this a) fractal shadow

berlin friedrichshain, 2022

reflections of reflections

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

seid ihr halle a?

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

why did the chicken cross the road

berlin friedrichshain, 2022

connect the dots

hannover, 2022

blue bee doo

berlin schöneweide, 2022

colour test drive

with trees…, berlin neukölln, 2022

am wasserwerk

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

the magical number 7

berlin mahlsdorf, 2022

that was called for

berlin schöneberg, 2022

as you (might) know, i’m not really into street photography-street photography, but in this case i could not resist… i had seen him from afar already, and then he basically walked into my frame while i was trying to shoot another wall once more…

just a jump to the left

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

odd man out

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

for a much wider view of this scenery head over to the brilliant stadtauge (whom I probably only missed by a few minutes then :-))

endlich erdbeeren

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

pillars of society (red)

berlin lichtenberg, 2022