i’ve seen the future

back then in duisburg, 2015

let the right one in

P8240535duisburg, 2018

night on earth

DSC02935ok, at least on the ruhrgebiet, duisburg, 2018

urban plant

P5022425duisburg, 2016

tiger and turtle vs. the zoom

i accompanied my sister to visit the tiger and turtle in duisburg and – lo and behold – she had a zoom at her (and then at my) disposal :)

duisburg, magic mountain, 2017

my little corner of the world

P4222789duisburg, 2016

yo la tengo – my little corner of the world (click,hear)

will you? 

P7032977duisburg, hauptbahnhof, 2016

structure (with shadow) 

P7032984duisburg, hauptbahnhof, 2016

that boy needs (physio) therapy

P5022496a physiotherapist’s window at night¬†in duisburg, 2016

the avalanches – frontier psychiatrist, 2000 (click, hear)

corner quartet

P5022443-Bearbeitetan ever so slightly unbalanced one

duisburg, may 2016

today – one year ago (bonus)

DSC04885-Bearbeitetjust one more thing… ¬†a car related bonus picture

duisburg, 17.04.2015

today – one year ago (V)

DSC04895-Bearbeiteta late 50s Рearly 60s dkw junior, duisburg, 17.04.2015

this post concludes the short series with pictures from my five day safari in the western part of the ruhrgebiet last year.

today – one year ago (IV)

DSC04314duisburg, 16.04.2015

today – one year ago (I)

DSC03312-2duisburg, garten der erinnerung, 13.04.2015

shutter priority

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december, 2015

always greener

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december, 2015

maybe the easter hare¬†will put¬†an egg or two on this patch of grass this weekend…

industrial light

P3081559and probably some magic, too…

duisburg, 2016

face in the city

P3081336i found this great piece in duisburg this week. it’s made from ripped up paper! i really liked it a lot.

duisburg, 2016

shadow of the thin man

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhe wore a winter jacket, though.

duisburg, december 2015

better halves

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAventilation for duisburg

duisburg, landschaftspark nord, december 2015