…on different scales

rtanj, serbia, 2019


P4071205-Bearbeitetspandau b. berlin, 2018

the garden

DSC00842-Bearbeitet-2niederrhein, 2019

pj harvey – the garden (click, hear)


DSC05807-Bearbeitettübingen, 2018

kehrwoche? see what wikipedia has to say about it…


DSC04587shot from a car in tübingen, 2018

neue wache

DSC00214a twisted tree at neue wache, berlin mitte, 2018

ghosts in the shell

P4260444berlin moabit, 2018

take them to church

PB280880hong kong, 2017

parallel world

P6116738südgelände, berlin, 2017


DSC02971berlin mitte, 2017


DSC03994de koog, the netherlands, 2017

water tower

P6116759priesterweg, berlin schöneberg, 2017

not really a becher view, but it was no becher weather either :)

windows are the eyes to your house

pc283173 niederrhein, december 2016

staring at the beach 

dsc05681san sebastián/donostia, september, 2016


dsc05233after this little excursion to the  local politics of berlin, back to something a little more pleasant: biarritz, france, 2016

me as the shadow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAberlin, moabit, 2016

me in the s-bahn

DSC00267-Bearbeitetostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2015

they’re hedged

they're hedged

another hedge from the town i grew up in…

where the not so wild roses grow

where the not so wild roses grow

man at work on a rose farm at the border between germany and the netherlands. i liked the layers in this scenery a lot and luckily i had the 40-150mm at hand so i could utilise the optical compression that the lens delivers at the long end.