sony a7 iii

peeping through

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

taking out the trash

berlin, potsdamer platz, 2021

nicely rounded

…off, neandertal, 2021

the dead don’t die

neandertal, 2021

sturgill simpson – the dead don’t die (click, hear)

behind the wheel

neandertal, 2021

who you gonna call?

neandertal, 2021

it’s like a jungle sometimes

neandertal, 2021

rockers-hifi – going under (click, hear)

first seven

neandertal, 2021

strange fruit

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

father’s vegetable patch

…after he left, niederrhein, 2021

too many poppies

berlin mitte, 2021

another vacation constellation

a little less fortunate one, though – berlin lichtenberg, 2021

a vacation constellation

berlin kreuzberg, 2021

in a yellow submarine

or at least in a beetle (pun probably not intended but embraced), berlin friedrichshain, 2021

three blind watermelon men

must be the heat 🥵, berlin weißensee, 2021

mongo santamaria – watermelon man (click, hear)

blue thursday

🦆🐤🐤, dessau, 2021

die bäckerei veit

dessau, 2021

his master’s house

meisterhäuser, dessau, 2021

cracked up

in dessau, 2021

mixed message

dessau, 2021