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some walls have some eyes

P2210811some trees and some reflections on some walls somewhere in berlin moabit, 2018

running on empty


berlin kreuzberg, 2018

if you’re intrigued by rassistische kackscheisse… it’s quite literally “racist crap shit”

there’s a crack in everything

DSC00391q.e.d., 2018

concrete window

P9030286berlin spandau, 2017

reflections and leaves

DSCF6939berlin friedrichshain, 2017

quartet on red

P8200135-2berlin wilmersdorf, 2017

green valentine

DSC09629me and berry mcgee, 2017

walking on sunshine (in the rain)

DSC09921-2antwerpen, 2017

black bird

PC280712grefrath, 2017

nina simone – blackbird (click, hear) (don’t miss out on this!)

push the button (black version)

DSC00281-2berlin friedrichshain, 2018



congratulations, habilitations… :)

berlin, mitte, 2018

words of advice

DSC00034berlin friedrichshain, 2018

words of advice – material feat. william s. burroughs (click, hear)

worn and torn

P1311301berlin moabit, 2018

birch in blue

DSC00173-2berlin mitte, 2018

black hole sun

DSC00040berlin friedrichshain, 2018

ramin djawadi – black hole sun (click, hear)

leaf left right

DSC09945-3conjugating loneliness, antwerpen, 2017

here be dragons*

DSC09984-Bearbeitet-2i liked the muted tones a lot, antwerpen, 2018

*draak = dragon

there’s a guy at the end of the tunnel

DSC09988antwerpen, 2018

old fashioned

DSC09869all the traffic signs with people on it looked refreshingly old fashioned in antwerpen, 2017

smile like you mean it

DSC09963antwerpen, 2018