first snow (take 2)

P1113682i don’t usually do two posts on one day but i wanted to show how a little crop can yield a much stronger image. i have quite a tendency for portrait orientation anyway so no contest for me. do you have a preference? (maybe i’m just kind of starting to follow through with my new year’s resolution)

berlin mitte, 2017

first snow

P1113682today! not as much as in january 2017 here at alexanderplatz, but it was definitely snow…  berlin mitte, 2017

fair enough

PC050512-Bearbeitet2berlin alexanderplatz, 2019

wurlitzer carousel organ – kiss me again (click, hear)



haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2019

just for statistical reasons: today is my birthday and this is the 2046th post on this blog.

shigeru umebayashi – 2046 main theme [rumba version] (click, hear)

it’s complicated

DSC00363berlin alexanderplatz, 2019

black balloon

P4062205_3berlin mitte, 2019

the kills – black balloon (click, hear)

danger! high contrast!

P4062231haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2019

(short) journey to saturn


berlin alexanderplatz, 2018

sun ra – journey to saturn (click, hear)

snowy times

P1113685berlin alexanderplatz, 2017

admittedly it’s from last year, but i bet it looked the same today…


vision + sound

pb122135ok, that title was an easy one…

berlin mitte, 2016


p1113692weltzeituhr am alexanderplatz, berlin mitte, januar 2017

day walker

dsc07311berlin alexanderplatz, 2016

the beam in thine own eye

dsc07372found right at alexanderplatz, berlin mitte, 2016

let’s hear what the house of statistics has to say…

dsc07328sounds reasonable to me!

haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2016



P1230484-2berlin, alexanderplatz, 2014

tower of power

P4022170fernsehturm, berlin, mitte, 2016



berlin style…

a classical view onto the fernsehturm through the weltzeituhr at alexanderplatz.

watching the watchman

watching the watchman

berlin, alexanderplatz, 2015

too many windows

too many windows

i chose this composition to avoid any advertising on berlin alexanderplatz while getting this shot of the former ‘hotel stadt berlin’. when i came to berlin it was already  renamed to ‘forum hotel’ and for quite some time now it is known as the ‘park inn berlin’. according to wikipedia it is the tallest hotel-only building in germany.

the regular reader will maybe remember that they do sport a very nice panorama platform on the 40th floor that i can wholeheartedly recommend visiting when you happen to be in berlin.


flatlandsthe berliner fernsehturm measures 368 m in height. the rest is flatlands…