hannover, 2023

missing: pot of gold

berlin charlottenburg, 2023

rooms without a view

berlin charlottenburg, 2023


berlin charlottenburg, 2023

reality distortion field activated

berlin lichtenberg, 2023

a light that never goes out

berlin lichtenberg, 2023


i really like this one – organic, technoid, typographic, mysterious content, satisfying colours, elegant layering…, berlin mitte, 2023


berlin lichtenberg (shortly after having an invigorating shot of eggleston again), 2023

back home

berlin friedrichshain(!), 2023

it’s time

to leave brussels, 2023

a place to be

brussels, 2023

it only hurts

…when i breathe, brussels, 2023

cop shoot cop – it only hurts when i breathe (click, hear)

love (at first sight)

brussels, 2023

knock loud, i’m home (brussels edition)

brussels, 2023

the night walk

stunning street art from brussels, 2023


brussels, 2023

family resemblance

brussels, 2023

between the bars

brussels, 2023

elliott smith – between the bars (click, hear)

warme wafels

lost in translations, brussels, belgium, 2023

yellow peg

brussels, belgium, 2023