last resort

DSC09083-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2020

sonntags in… eisenhüttenstadt


eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

insert title here

trier, 2019


IMG_20190226_135304_338-01hamm, stadt der zugteilung, 2019

entering winter wonderland

dsc08361from the left… tübingen, 2018

driving home for christmas

somewhere between hannover and bielefeld, 2018

i’ll spare you the music…

song of the bell

P8190080-3*scnr*, berlin mitte, 2017

have yourself a nice world cup

DSC04974-Bearbeitetniederrhein, 2018 (when germany was still taking part in the soccer world cup)


DSC01246tübingen-derendingen, 2018

anika – yang yang (click, hear)

tighte strukturen / tight structures

P4230414 bremen, 2018

separation of concerns

P4021179blinkenlights from tübingen, 2018

election day


federal election (bundestagswahl) day in germany

berlin friedrichshain, september 2017

UPDATE: tocotronic – racist friend (click, hear)

rainy greetings from documenta 14

DSC05182on the roof of grimmwelt, kassel 2017 – next stop: venice, 30°C :-)

on line

pc293363niederrhein, december 2016

the well

dsc04528tübingen, 2016

“i guess everybody has their own thing that they yell into a well”

the brilliant bill callahan – the well (click, hear) – a “bill callahan” live version of the original “smog” song from the 2010 album rough travel for a rare thing

wuhindrih warn

DSC04427tübingen, 2016

w. beuerle buchbinderei schreibwaren

between a rock and a hard place

DSC04488tübingen, august 2016

they call it progress but it’s just movement

from a train, somewhere between duisburg and berlin, 2016

the title of this post is (slightly adapted) from the song ‘just movement’ by robert delong (click,hear)


DSC00758it’s carnival season and ‘helau!’ is the narrenruf in one of the capitals of carnival in germany – düsseldorf (as opposed to ‘alaaf’ in the even bigger capital of carnival – cologne). this is a window of the haus des karnevals in düsseldorf’s old town. i found it surprisingly austere.

you typically don’t get to notice  anything carnivalistic over here in berlin. that’s actually quite okay, though :)

checkpoint charlie

checkpoint charlie

today is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. this picture was made a few weeks ago at the former grenzübergang checkpoint charlie in friedrichstrasse then forming the border between the (eastern) mitte and (western) kreuzberg.