lamp post

the science of the lamp

DSC06514-Bearbeitetoptics of course…, berlin charlottenburg, 2019

lamp shade

DSC06444berlin friedrichshain, 2019

it’s not easy being green

rtanj, serbia, 2019

rust never sleeps

P5262821-Bearbeitet… it creeps… eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

neil young – my my, hey hey (out of the blue) [click, hear]


DSC01485trier, 2019

wake me when it’s over

DSC00356berlin mitte, 2019

the silence of the lamp

DSC00319berlin kreuzberg, 2019

danger! high contrast!

P4062231haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2019

all triggers on

P4062238-Bearbeiteta tree, some windows, yellow, a lamp post, reflections, shadow…

berlin friedrichshain mitte, 2019

shadow processing

berlin mitte, 2018

the whip

berlin moabit, 2019

cold light

-24° C in st. petersburg, 2018


st. petersburg, 2018


dsc08515niederrhein, 2018

four blind men

PB102139and no elephant…, berlin kreuzberg, 2018


DSC07932carl zeiß building in carl-zeiß-street in jena, 2018

*yes, it’s that carl zeiß – ß is the so called ‘scharfes s’ in german orthography and if you want to capitalise it, you’ll have to write a double S – hence ZEISS.


poznań, poland, 2018

unter der hand

PA301816berlin mitte, 2018

‘unter der hand’ by case maclaim – i’ve never seen this mural in the sunlight before (since i’ve never been there in the morning before :))


poznań, poland, 2018


P8260591-2düsseldorf, 2018