DSC03581somewhere in noord-holland, 2017


DSC01466and a nice shadow to boot…

groß zecher, schaalsee, 2017


P5156305horgen, lake zürich, 2017

pipes, too

P5126108münchen, 2017

tramli to triemli

P5156326zürich, switzerland, 2017


some impressions from the viktualienmarkt, münchen, 2017

dutch pride

DSC00802utrecht cs, the netherlands, 2017

at giza

P3214411paris, france, 2017

om – at giza (click, hear)

time is ticking

P3214426-2view onto the montmartre

musée d’orsay, paris, france, 2017

schnell weg 

P4145085somewhere in holland, 2017



just that :-)

this is also from middelburg, the netherlands, 2017

van yellow

DSC00657middelburg, the netherlands, 2017

homesick for berlin

P4145081fernsehturm, berlin mitte, 2017

into the light

P3214386louvre edition, paris, 21.03.2017

looking for a sign

dsc05827saint jean de luz, france, 2016

postcard from berlin 

dsc07998-bearbeitet-2playing tourist in my own city. 

alte nationalgalerie and berliner dom – berlin mitte, 2017

silent green

dsc06256st. jean de luz, 2016


dsc06294st. jean de luz, september 2016

(and a shout-out to my friend Sebastian over at mehrlicht)

staring at the beach 

dsc05681san sebastián/donostia, september, 2016

breaking the waves

dsc05426anglet, france, 2016