bricked / les ateliers

DSC03934berlin mitte, 2018



niederrhein, 2018

the mountain goats – nine black poppies (click,hear)

in the neighbourhood


…of my parents – niederrhein, 2018

tom waits – in the neighborhood (click, hear)

pipe dream


berlin friedrichshain, 2018

i noticed i hadn’t featured one of the well-known (yet still mysterious enough) pink pipes of berlin for quite some time… consider that fixed.

half and half

P8200147berlin wilmersdorf, 2017

shadow on the wall

DSC02088berlin moabit, 2018

something fishy


tübingen, 2018

horten hears an aitch

DSC01432hortenkacheln in reutlingen, 2018


DSC01246tübingen-derendingen, 2018

anika – yang yang (click, hear)

tighte strukturen / tight structures

P4230414 bremen, 2018

ghosts in the shell

P4260444berlin moabit, 2018

drip cake

P4260451sooo 2015 :-), berlin moabit, 2018


P3290904the stains stay mainly on the plane(s), berlin moabit, 2018


P4140033venlo, the netherlands, 2018

red angle

P4140021venlo, the netherlands, 2018

looking up is hard to do

P4081303berlin charlottenburg, 2018

springtime for berlin

P3300950the shoes are in bloom, berlin friedrichshain, 2018


PB270492victoria peak, hong kong, 2017

this post concludes my second part of pictures from hong kong. if you’d like to see more, just search for the tag “hong kong” (or simply click on this link :))

street light

PC020441i thoroughly enjoyed the nice light at this street crossing in hong kong, 2017

there’s a shadow hanging over me

sankt petersburg, russia, 2018