something fishy

poznań, poland, 2018

still greener on the other side

DSC07173poznań, poland, 2018

window and curve

DSC07170a little homage to robert häusser*, poznań, poland, 2018

*if you’re interested in excellent photography, 80s video footage, philip glass(?) and swabian german: der fotograf robert häusser (click, watch)

let the right one in

P8240535duisburg, 2018

greener on the other side

P8120527tübingen, 2018

back to europe

P7230191for now…, montreal, 2018

family constellation

P7230157-2do you see them? montreal, canada, 2018

les gouttes canadiennes

P7240277montreal looks better in the rain than a lot of other cities in the sunshine, canada, 2018

goede nacht

PC300747belgië! antwerpen, 2018

have yourself a nice world cup

DSC04974-Bearbeitetniederrhein, 2018 (when germany was still taking part in the soccer world cup)

(another) yellow square

P6060645leipziger straße, berlin mitte, 2018


DSC04587shot from a car in tübingen, 2018

bricked / les ateliers

DSC03934berlin mitte, 2018

the stain

DSC04117berlin friedrichshain, 2018



berlin friedrichshain, 2018

apropos shelter…: shelter – progressive man (click, hear)

the blinds leading the lines

DSC02134-3berlin friedrichshain, 2018


DSC02012some palm trees from düsseldorf, 2018

window burner

DSC01194tübingen, 2018


DSC01246tübingen-derendingen, 2018

anika – yang yang (click, hear)

looking up is hard to do

P4081303berlin charlottenburg, 2018