decoration deterioration

DSC09302-Bearbeitethaus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2017

inspiration information – shuggie otis (click, hear)

translation help needed

P6106952popelism pissoffism? peopleism offpissism? pepulism pissofism? or even bogeyism ofpissism?

berlin mitte, 2017

statistics again

P6166887haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2017


the institute of biology II

DSC08010berlin mitte, 2017

(my 1337th post here)

under cover

DSC09892a backyard in berlin mitte, 2017

mitte beetle

DSC09873-Bearbeitetmitte, berlin, 2017

if you enter a kino you are inside a cinema

DSC09287at least when in germany… and if you enter this particular kino you are inside the kino international, the main cinema for premieres of the gdr. it’s a fantastic cinema with its interior only slightly modernized since the 60s. definitely worth a visit if you’re in berlin. it’s quite close to alexanderplatz, too.

kino international, berlin mitte, 2017

container love – reprise

P4054869a selection of five pictures from my container love series is shown as of today in berlin mitte! right in the middle of  berlin at the schmuckgalerie boris kohlbecher, linienstrasse 215, quite close to gormannstrasse.


the exhibition will run until 30th of june, so there’s plenty of time to pay a visit :)



le taxi

DSC09283-2.jpgberlin mitte, 2017

hanayo – joe le taxi (click, hear)

postcard from berlin II

DSC02834st.michael kirche, berlin mitte 2016

rule of thirds (the thin man returns)

pb122148berlin mitte, 2016

postcard from berlin 

dsc07998-bearbeitet-2playing tourist in my own city. 

alte nationalgalerie and berliner dom – berlin mitte, 2017

vision + sound

pb122135ok, that title was an easy one…

berlin mitte, 2016

hole in one

dsc08013berlin mitte, 2017


dsc08052berlin mitte, 2017


dsc08036i really like the green one

berlin mitte, 2017

the institute of biology

dsc08011berlin mitte, 2017

back in the new york groove

dsc08026-bearbeitet… at least as close as it gets in berlin, germany in january 2017

ace frehley – new york groove (click, hear)



the beam in thine own eye

dsc07372found right at alexanderplatz, berlin mitte, 2016

let’s hear what the house of statistics has to say…

dsc07328sounds reasonable to me!

haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2016