framing effect

(basically always present in photography), berlin mitte, 2020

das feuergelbe spielmobil

berlin mitte, 2020

no stencil

berlin mitte, 2020

classical classicism

halb drei in berlin mitte, 2020

halb zwei in berlin

berlin mitte, 2020

dark age

berlin mitte, 2020

gentle touch

berlin, mitte, 2020

als wir

DSC01433berlin mitte, 2020


DSC00342berlin mitte, 2020

extended hand

PB062100berlin mitte, 2019

first snow (take 2)

P1113682i don’t usually do two posts on one day but i wanted to show how a little crop can yield a much stronger image. i have quite a tendency for portrait orientation anyway so no contest for me. do you have a preference? (maybe i’m just kind of starting to follow through with my new year’s resolution)

berlin mitte, 2017

first snow

P1113682today! not as much as in january 2017 here at alexanderplatz, but it was definitely snow…  berlin mitte, 2017

i like yellow things

P3081908berlin friedrichshain, 2020

bobbi blake – i like yellow things (click, hear)

just turn me on

PC050516 berlin mitte, 2019

barky valentine

DSC08551-Bearbeitetberlin mitte, 2020

chet baker – my funny valentine (click, hear)

ivory tower

P1051307berlin mitte, 2020

rule of thirds

P1041283berlin mitte, 2020

today’s forecast: mostly cloudy

DSC08555berlin mitte, 2020

blue nights

P1041286-Bearbeitetberlin mitte, 2020

fair enough

PC050512-Bearbeitet2berlin alexanderplatz, 2019

wurlitzer carousel organ – kiss me again (click, hear)