P3170784-Bearbeitetwinter is making a comeback, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

i can, you can, toucan

DSC03461berlin mitte, 2017

coke in the streets

PB270441hong kong, 2017

hat off

P2270408sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

descending diagonals

P2260318-Bearbeitetsankt petersburg, russia, 2018


P2260227-Bearbeitetsankt petersburg, russia, 2018

the hardest buttons to button


berlin schöneberg kreuzberg (thanks, manfred!), 2018

white stripes – hardest button to button (click,hear)

room with a view

P2270524-Bearbeiteta view from the hermitage onto the frozen river neva that is…, sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

bus stops

P2260096sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

some brown in town


berlin friedrichshain, 2018

if anybody has an idea what brand this car is, please comment. i did forget to check…

EDIT: tumblr user grischa808 provided me with the solution: it’s a toyota corolla E110 3-door hatchback (ca. 1995) – and if you don’t believe that – believe wikipedia!

cold bridge

P2260132Благовещенский мост, annunciation bridge, sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

exit stage left

P2270463sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

frozen in time


rummelsburger bucht, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

adam green – frozen in time (click,hear)



sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

hot hot heat – bandages (click, hear)

back side

DSC00401lamp post – check, hedge – check, poster – check, 2018



nicht vergessen, mädels!

berlin, moabit, 2016

shadow market (III)

P2240015boxhagener platz, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

shadow market (II)

P2240002boxhagener platz, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

shadow market (I)

P2240004boxhagener platz, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

some walls have some eyes

P2210811some trees and some reflections on some walls somewhere in berlin moabit, 2018