from the construction work that is still going on at station ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain.

some strings attached

some strings attached

actually just one…

found in the landschaftspark herzberge in berlin lichtenberg a few weeks ago.

gulliver’s travels

gulliver's travel

found in friedrichshain, berlin. it looks strangely convincing. great work.

watch thy neighbour

watch thy neighbour

he might piss against your garage door…

this is another one from the town i grew up in (and yes, there are a lot of hedges) – i liked the tones here quite a lot.

car in yellow

car in yellow

found in kreuzberg right at the border to treptow.

i am not sure about the meaning of the colourful markings on the street. maybe they mark the beginning of some kind of zone but i don’t know. do you?

red flag

red flag

waving at ostkreuz, friedrichshain.

night train (u1)

night train

made about an hour ago at kottbusser tor, kreuzberg, berlin. this is a train of line u1 to uhlandstrasse.

bike in blue

bike in bluea bike in blue in a closed shop in maastricht in limburg in the netherlands. this picture might conclude the little detour from berlin to the netherlands for some time now.


there’s something happening here

for what it's worthwhat it is ain’t exactly clear (click, hear).

urk, the netherlands, summer 2014 

when the music’s over

when the music's over

a faint echo of carnival from venlo, the netherlands.

just in case you’re interested – this shot was made with the ‘full frame’ sony a7 camera and my trusty olympus om zuiko 100mm lens. i really like this combination a lot. unfortunately i had to return the a7 much too early for my taste…

ash wednesday

ashes to ashes

a pair of aschentonnen found in a backyard in lichtenberg, berlin. they have become a quite uncommon sight here in berlin. most waste containers today are made from plastic and are not round anymore. and the carnival is over, too…

egg pack

egg pack

they really don’t put all their eggs in one basket. i’ve seen it on boxhagener platz, friedrichshain, berlin.

living on the hedge

living on the hedge

it seems quite idyllic where i grew up… i never noticed.


palimpsestan improvised layered collage from an ad in berlin friedrichshain. i really dig the dynamics of the tear.

happy birdy

happy birdykreuzberg in blue.

this is for my nephew k. who turns six today.




something a little more colourful from berlin moabit. the building on the left was apparently built quite some time after the right one… this view can be found in stromstrasse just in case you’re interested

don’t look now

don't look now

strange, since i know we’ll go to venice in spring i always see this guy with the red coat… it turned out that it was only my mother – this time.

the nicolas roeg film”don’t look now” is known by the more-horror title “wenn die gondeln trauer tragen” (“when the gondolas are in mourning”) in germany.


treeeeesluckily one can still see the forest.

made in poland 2013



i really missed some stars on the blue door… found in maastricht, the netherlands. that probably explains it already :)



a gallery in berlin moabit from the outside.