on work and vacation

en soms omgekeerd, rotterdam, 2019

gesloten met vakantie

rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

see you soon!

ab die post

innsbruck, austria, 2019

(failed to) be original

innsbruck, austria, 2019

theeht telekommokelet twinssniwt

DSC04531-Bearbeitetinnsbruck, austria, 2019

a house is not a home

DSC04579innsbruck, austria, 2019

adrian orange and her band – you’re my home (click, hear)

street of thoughts

venezia, italia, 2019

o sing it orange to her

DSC04351venezia, italia, 2019

the sound of money – o sing it orange to her (click, hear)

you can leave your hats on

DSC04400-Bearbeitetvenezia, italia, 2019

when the going gets tough

DSC04430-2venezia, italia, 2019

primus – sailing the seas of cheese (click, hear)

hallo! i’m lucky…

DSC04313-2…sometimes, venezia, italia, 2019


i’m green…, venezia, italia, 2019

back on deck

DSC03736_bearbeitetvenezia, italia, 2019

chiuso per ferie

DSC06399-Bearbeitetburano, laguna di venezia, 2017

see you soon!


rtanj, serbia, 2019

last exit

…brutalism, rtanj, serbia, 2019

it’s not easy being green

rtanj, serbia, 2019

logging framework

rtanj, serbia, 2019

stay a little longer

we’ve prepared something for you, rtanj, serbia, 2019

on a different note

… sorry for your door, rtanj, serbia, 2019