full disclosure

full disclosuretrees are made out of wood

picture in picture

picture in picturefrom the lido di venezia. i like that the picture was pinned to a pine. the most photogenic tree there is.

this crane is not for you to climb

this cranefrom duisburg’s inner harbour.

the title of this post is probably a slightly more poetic rendering than the literal translation of this vintage german verboten-sign.

quiet days in cliché

quiet days in cliché

or trying to avoid it…

this is a vertical panning shot at 1/2 second exposure time. and this is of course san giorgio maggiore in venice.

i’ve published this shot in monochrome already on http://nientedavendere.tumblr.com last week. just in case it looks familiar, that’s why ;-)

yellow (working title)

yellow (working title)until further notice this picture will be called ‘yellow’, too.

from oberhausen, april 2015.

throwing in the towel

throwing in the towelfound last weekend in friedrichshain, berlin. the boxers had left already.

a man walks towards a building

zollvereinon the area of the zollverein coal mine industrial complex (or a bit more concise ‘zeche zollverein’ in german) in essen, ruhr. it’s an impressive area with lots of stuff to photograph, not at least this bauhaus inspired building – the former boiler house of shaft 12. originally built in the 1930s it had its interior converted to a museum in 1997 by norman foster.

fisher island

fischerinseland then quite some more of berlin

in the lower left corner the tower of the ‘rotes rathaus‘ (red city hall), on the right a small (but very substantial) part of the  fernsehturm at alexanderplatz. in the back left the heizkraftwerk lichterfelde with its three giant chimneys. smack in the middle the postbank tower in kreuzberg. on its right the gasometer in schöneberg  and between the gasometer and the tv tower in the far back the ‘steglitzer kreisel‘.

what? oh yes – fisher island: that’s the part with the white high-risers in the middle.

that was fun, maybe we should do this again some time :)


sumptousthe interior of a chrysler classic car through its windshield. from berlin, friedrichshain.

thanks to the brilliant donald barnat for introducing me to the word ‘sumptuous’.


backdoorthis is for ashley and richard, makers of the fine blog between scarlett and guest  who seem to definitely share my fascination for manikins and the uncanny valley they are able to lead us into.

pigeonholed 2

pigeonholed 2
ok, this time it’s just about pigeons i promise.

this is again from duisburg and it was of course a lucky shot. i actually wanted to get the lamps pigeonholed into the window frames when the real pigeons suddenly turned up.


pigeonholedin duisburg

the pigeon-hole principle does have a wikipedia article in case you’re interested. this picture though might bear a stronger relation to the application of this principle’s idea in social contexts. so more closer to the definition of pigeonhole2 in the merriam webster.

mossy rust

mossy rustor was it rusty moss? this is from the landschaftspark nord in duisburg.


tantea fresh paste-up from berlin moabit.

cinema is so over

cinema is so overshortly after the film in the rio filmpalast in munich.

going down

going down the very graphical stairs of a (defunct) blast furnace in duisburg am rhein. in german a ‘blast furnace’ is called ‘hochofen‘ and it really is quite ‘hoch’.

quit playing games (with my ball)

quit playing gamesfrom a playground in kreuzberg. i liked the reoccurrence of the yellow. and then i got lucky with the dynamics of the lonely player.

art is hard

art is harda classic subject in street photography: the carrying man.

some excellent street photography (and of course other carrying people) can be found just one click away at https://125tel.wordpress.com/

this was shot in düsseldorf some weeks ago.

the reichstag may be closer than it appears

reichstag(part of) the berlin reichstag in the mirror of a motorcycle made in the gdr. the ‘schwalbe‘.

yellow again

this time from essen, ruhr.