too hot for

P5262888-Bearbeiteteisenhüttenstadt, 2019

the awnings

P5262909-Bearbeiteteisenhüttenstadt, 2019


P5262738eisenhüttenstadt, 2019


P5262880eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

rust never sleeps

P5262821-Bearbeitet… it creeps… eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

neil young – my my, hey hey (out of the blue) [click, hear]

2d cubism

DSC02569-Bearbeitet-2berlin friedrichshain, 2019

taken with my sony a7 iii and a vintage olympus om zuiko 65-200mm f4 one-touch zoom.

sonntags in… eisenhüttenstadt


eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

on staying away

DSC00070-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

going down

DSC02224-Bearbeitet-2berlin ostkreuz, 2019

water world ii

DSC02221berlin mitte, 2019

cf. Hinweisschilder für Wasser-Versorgungsleitungen :-)

water world

DSC02214-Bearbeitetberlin mitte, 2019

shady cubism

DSC02168berlin mitte, 2019

i was strangely attracted

DSC03963of course it’s the colours! but maybe it had something to do with the raw energy of the brushstrokes in brown…?

berlin, friedrichshain, 2016



quis custodiet ipsos custodes?! coloniae claudiae arae agrippinensium stadio conspectum*

quite some time ago i was a happy student of latin (even in cologne itself!). today, i can’t even say my name in latin anymore. i still like it, though

*who will watch these watchmen? seen in the stadium of cologne.

uncle benz

DSC00005-Bearbeitetantwerpen, 2018

more flowers

more flowers

count me in on that…

amsterdam, summer 2014

silver lips

DSC07658st. malo, france



i suppose this window in berlin wedding was a trap set up for photographers – and i fell into it…

red light district

red light district

from leopoldstadt, wien.

old news

DSC05791-Bearbeitet-3found in berlin charlottenburg, 2015