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p1203749saarbrücken, january 2017


p1203756saarbrücken, january 2017

windows are the eyes to your house

pc283173 niederrhein, december 2016


p5273037berlin mitte, 2016

icy gradient

pc293371niederrhein, december 2016

three windows

pc273104detail of a former gas station in venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

it’s apparently not simply one former gas station but in fact the oldest still existing gas station building in the whole of the netherlands. it was built in 1933, is now part of the limburgs museum and can be rented as a meeting room.

modern jazz quartet – three windows (click, hear)


on line

pc293363niederrhein, december 2016

trompe l’œil

pc273121street art from venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

…and a big thank you to Ben Huberman for featuring me on wordpress’ very own discovery channel. i feel quite honoured and this feature really makes the statistics view sing :)

snowy canopy

p1113700-bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, january 2017


p1113692weltzeituhr am alexanderplatz, berlin mitte, januar 2017

couleur cafe

p1063639berlin, hansaviertel, 2017

serge gainsbourg – couleur cafe (click, hear)


pc283343niederrhein, december 2016

(and i promise this is the last one of my dabblings in landscape photography – for now :))


PC283217.jpgfour knotted willows, niederrhein, december 2016

oh buoy

pc283256niederrhein, december 2016

mr. sandman, bring me a drink

pc283240the door of a beverage delivery service, niederrhein, december 2016


pc273147a tree, reflections, yellow… of course i could not resist.

venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

winter window

pc313486-2from the oldest city in germany, made with the last light of the last year

he who is not to be named is coming

p2250842-2friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

back to the future

here are some of my favourite shots from the last twelve months. i’m really happy that on the one hand i’m still liking most of my pictures and that i’m on the other hand really annoyed by some of them. i hope this signifies some kind of development and hopefully for the better :)

photographically it was a very good year with a lot of opportunities and i was quite well prepared for some of them. i guess my personal photography related highlight was my very first exhibition (that is still running until the end of february) at freiluftgalerie berlin.

thanks a lot to all you posting photographers, friendly followers, following friends and likable likers. without you it would be at most half the fun!

a happy new year to all of you!

hidden train

dsc06856-bearbeitetberlin  friedrichshain, 2016