installation with curve

DSC07291berlin friedrichshain, 2018

peter and paul

DSC07081poznań, poland, 2018

for lack of a better cone

DSC06938poznań, poland, 2018


barcelona, 2018


P5126006münchen, 2017

it’s out there

DSC07085another wall from poznań, poland, 2018

something fishy

poznań, poland, 2018

odd couple

P8110444tübingen, 2018

song of the bell

P8190080-3*scnr*, berlin mitte, 2017


P8260591-2düsseldorf, 2018

almost alive

some more impressions from ‘almost alive’, kunsthalle tübingen, 2018

emotional motion sickness


tübingen, 2018

from the excellent exhibition ‘almost alive’ in the kunsthalle tübingen. this is a sculpture by tony matelli named ‘josh’.

the title of this post was stolen borrowed from phoebe bridgers’ song of almost the same name.

still greener on the other side

DSC07173poznań, poland, 2018

sun on gaz

DSC06925poznań, poland, 2018

under my skin

DSC06810poznań, poland, 2018


DSC07123-2poznań, poland, 2018

know thyself

DSC07107poznań, poland, 2018

my autumn’s done come

berlin mitte, 2018

lee hazlewood – my autumn’s done come (click, hear)


dsc06801-bearbeitetpoznań, poland, 2018

polish polo

DSC06904from poznań in poland, 2018