alodnogthis is another one from venice of course…

on the fractal nature of trees

on the fractal nature of treesor my misinterpretation of it.


escalationthis is a detail of the sculpture tiger&turtle – magic mountain by heike mutter and ulrich genth in duisburg. i liked the backdrop a lot.


xrayeda shadow tree from duisburg.



this is the first one of probably a few to come from my last week’s trip to the ruhrgebiet. i managed to visit  duisburg, essen, mülheim and oberhausen. this picture is from oberhausen. after failing to parallelize the lines i took drastic measures.

cloud scraping


happy rotterdam, to have such giant mirrors.

this is a quite old picture (made with the lx-3) that i found on the bottom of my drafts list. i found it interesting enough to put it on top of this very list again :)

tribute to a bus


what a nice surprise! returning from pfaueninsel with a vintage 1964 double-decker bus* operated by the bvg. this is the upper deck.

*for the more technically inclined it was a model D2U made by Büssing

tired of palms

tired of palmsif i hadn’t taken this photograph i would never had guessed that this is from düsseldorf again…

for jenny (apparently)

for jenny (apparently)


found in düsseldorf.



an insurmountable hint that spring has definitely sprung. at least in jesolo three weeks ago.

dead end

dead enda dead end in venice. almost always worth a second look.


bushyvery much in the vein of yesterday’s post. a bit more on the spherical side, though. i really liked this bushy backyard…


they’re hedged

they're hedged

another hedge from the town i grew up in…



if you like lines (i do) this is for you!

this is a as close to an easter egg as it might get here…

mirror tree

mirror tree

a little twist on my fondness for window trees… (see ‘related’ below)

vivian and me

vivian and me

if you haven’t heard of vivian maier yet, i guess i can’t help you here… oh wait – i probably can:

this is from the traveling vivian maier exhibition that’s currently being hosted in the willy-brandt-haus, berlin. it’s running till 12 april so hurry up, if you’d like to see it, too.


guardi (look!)

back from venice. more to come…

(and if i’m not mistaken ‘guardi’ is the more formal imperative of guardare and means ‘look!’)



from friedrichshain, berlin. shot with the e-p5 and the om zuiko 135 f2.8.  sometimes the compression that a tele lens can deliver simply rules.

and yes, mirrow is not a word. i made that up (but then found out there is of course already an app with that name …)

little brother

little brotherfamily resemblance between two posts.



another one from the night and the kottbusser tor.
just for the record – this image is mirrored…