cncrt pctrs

some of my efforts in concert photography over the last years. most of them have been shot in various locations in berlin. when you’re flipping through the gallery you get at least the name of the artist or the band and some exif-information (and of course the bigger picture)

for more of my concert pictures you might want to head over to flickr and have a look at my albums page.

some time ago i’ve started to occasionally contribute pictures and reviews to the concert blog it’s only music but live.




  1. damn, REALLY good photos Mister! Really captured the atmosphere too! Makes me want to go to a gig again…

  2. Einfach grossartig. Wunderbares Repertoire, das Du da durch die Zeit gesammelt hast. Diese Art der Fotografie scheint dir echt zu liegen. Mach weiterhin so tolle, emotional gefüllte Bilder.

    Gruss Sam

  3. Cui honorem, honorem ;). Immer gerne, macht wirklich Spass die Bilder anzuschauen….

    Gruss Jazz

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