ostkreuz sunset

berlin friedrichshain, 2023

on repeat

today – the repetition of the berlin state election, berlin friedrichshain, 2023

red hat

berlin friedrichshain, 2022


berlin ostkreuz, 2021

under the bridge

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

big O

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

same flock different day

…and that’s not even true… both shots have been made only minutes apart, berlin friedrichshain, 2021

i already miss these guys

DSC09167berlin ostkreuz, 2020

2nd day of home office…

come on in my kitchen

DSC09148-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitetfriedrichshain, berlin, 2020

robert johnson – come on in my kitchen (click, hear)

some velvet morning

somevelvetmorningberlin ostkreuz, 2020

lee hazlewood and nancy sinatra – some velvet morning (click, hear)

hard to miss

DSC08340-Bearbeitet| O | S | T | K | R | E | U | Z |, berlin friedrichshain, 2020


DSC07372ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2019

dark shadows

DSC07018ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2019

zweiviertel ostkreuz

DSC06385berlin friedrichshain, 2019

going down

DSC02224-Bearbeitet-2berlin ostkreuz, 2019

vandal girl

DSC00038berlin friedrichshain, 2019


DSC08063all new! berlin friedrichshain, 2018

tip of the iceberg

P9100314i mean ‘water tower’, of course

ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2017

three’s a party


well, i’m taking part in another group exhibition that kicks off next saturday! the fine young men with whom i have the honour of working are Ezequiel Hyon who shows some of his works with the cyanotype process and Nikolas Iturralde Graber showing pieces in abstract calligraphy on different surfaces. i of course will stay true to photography and will show some of my pictures from my loose series about the ostkreuz area in berlin friedrichshain.

the whole thing takes place in the bildersaal of the zukunft am ostkreuz, laskerstrasse 5 in berlin friedrichshain and the opening date of the exhibition not coincidentally coincides with the extraordinary sonne ├╝ber berlin festival but is actually part of it! a big thank you goes out to the organisers of this fine marvel of a festival for letting us be a part of it.

the exhibition will be running until 8th of october and as far as i know it will be usually open during the opening times of the zukunft am ostkreuz itself.

so drop by, grab a tea and check it out!

* the title ‘zwischen beeilen und verweilen’ can probably be translated as ‘between haste and lingering’

short train

DSC09372-2ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2017