short train

DSC09372-2ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2017

das runde muss ins eckige

P5075958“the round thing has to go into the square[1] thing” (german football saying)

berlin, ostkreuz, 2017

[1]i know it’s rather a rectangular thing. but i somehow did not like how the phrase turned out metrically when i used ‘rectangular’. in the picture though, i tried both versions at once :)

going down

DSC09375ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2017


DSC09175-Bearbeitetfriedrichshain, berlin 2017

water tower

dsc07441when i turned around from the green door, that’s what i saw: the roof of the water tower at ostkreuz above other roofs

berlin friedrichshain, december 2016


dsc07246friedrichshain,  berlin, 2016


P6163300the remains of the night at ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2016

water tower

DSC01339ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2016


P4212780ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2016

only anarchists

DSC01087berlin, lichtenberg, 2016

36 chambers

P2250863s-bahnhof ostkreuz, berlin, friedrichshain, 2016


DSC00895 the bridge at entry sonntagstrasse.

berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

me in the s-bahn

DSC00267-Bearbeitetostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2015

escalator with hat

escalator with hat

from ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain.

strawberry fields

strawberry fields

fruity greetings from ostkreuz, friedrichshain, berlin.



from the construction work that is still going on at station ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain.


time's up

and striped. an old station clock at ostkreuz, friedrichshain. soon to be demolished, too.

mountain view

moutain view

it doesn’t get much bigger mountain-wise here in berlin. that must be the north-face of the ostkreuz alps just over the border in lichtenberg.

where have all the railtracks gone

where have all the railtracks gonethe building site at station ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain. the sign has been installed with several eyes to the future apparently.

fresh supply

fresh supplyostkreuz, berlin.