barcelona, 2018


P5126006münchen, 2017

something fishy

poznań, poland, 2018

odd couple

P8110444tübingen, 2018

song of the bell

P8190080-3*scnr*, berlin mitte, 2017


P8260591-2düsseldorf, 2018

almost alive

some more impressions from ‘almost alive’, kunsthalle tübingen, 2018

emotional motion sickness


tübingen, 2018

from the excellent exhibition ‘almost alive’ in the kunsthalle tübingen. this is a sculpture by tony matelli named ‘josh’.

the title of this post was stolen borrowed from phoebe bridgers’ song of almost the same name.

keep(ing) on trucking

P9080930barcelona, 2018

some travelling has to be done… .documenting.the.obvious will probably have resumed normal operations by the end of the week…

sie konnten beisammen nicht kommen

P9070790zwei königskinder, barcelona, 2018

ahead of the curve

P9091026-2or already behind it? barcelona, 2018

common people

P9080962barcelona, 2018

william shatner – common people (click,hear)


P9070722barcelona, 2018

(blau, adj.: catalan & german for blue)

on not going full circle

P9091003barcelona, 2018

chinese shadow

P7230053le quartier chinois, montreal, canada, 2018

sporting geometries

P8250547niederrhein, 2018

pink alert

P7230222montreal, canada, 2018

the bright tower

P8250562niederrhein, 2018

super wash

P8250588niederrhein, 2018

let the right one in

P8240535duisburg, 2018