too hot for

P5262888-Bearbeiteteisenhüttenstadt, 2019

the awnings

P5262909-Bearbeiteteisenhüttenstadt, 2019


P5262738eisenhüttenstadt, 2019


P5262880eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

rust never sleeps

P5262821-Bearbeitet… it creeps… eisenhüttenstadt, 2019

neil young – my my, hey hey (out of the blue) [click, hear]

sonntags in… eisenhüttenstadt


eisenhüttenstadt, 2019



quis custodiet ipsos custodes?! coloniae claudiae arae agrippinensium stadio conspectum*

quite some time ago i was a happy student of latin (even in cologne itself!). today, i can’t even say my name in latin anymore. i still like it, though

*who will watch these watchmen? seen in the stadium of cologne.

more flowers

more flowers

count me in on that…

amsterdam, summer 2014



i suppose this window in berlin wedding was a trap set up for photographers – and i fell into it…

red light district

red light district

from leopoldstadt, wien.

mini bar

P3191629schöneberg, berlin, 2016

continental good year

P8042084feeling a bit tired of accidental sculptures…

moabit, berlin, 2016


P3212127-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2019


P5112651venlo, 2019

geometry 102

P5112656-2venlo, 2019

black balloon

P4062205_3berlin mitte, 2019

the kills – black balloon (click, hear)

in bloom

P4062242-2berlin mitte, 2019

nirvana – in bloom (click,hear)

danger! high contrast!

P4062231haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2019

all triggers on

P4062238-Bearbeiteta tree, some windows, yellow, a lamp post, reflections, shadow…

berlin friedrichshain mitte, 2019

cylindrically red

P3302164berlin schöneberg, 2019