DSC06933-Bearbeitetstuttgart hauptbahnhof, 2019

mc bruddaaal – kehrwoch (click, hear)

crossing the line

DSC06926-Bearbeitetstuttgart hauptbahnhof, 2019

through the shields II

dsc04396-bearbeitet-2harping on yesterday’s theme…

stuttgart, august, 2016

converge with me

converge with me

in case¬†you follow those steps you’ll get to the staatstheater in stuttgart.



this graphical ensemble was put together by the thoughtful people that are deconstructing the hauptbahnhof in stuttgart under full load. i’m glad they don’t neglect aesthetics while doing so.

wir bauen eine neue stadt

they’ve built a new city… stuttgart,¬†banking district at the main station.

don’t miss palais schaumburg: