DSC08063all new! berlin friedrichshain, 2018

strange moss

DSC07297berlin friedrichshain, 2018

the trouble with travel

other people, berlin txl, 2018


DSC07932carl zeiß building in carl-zeiß-street in jena, 2018

*yes, it’s that carl zeiß – ß is the so called ‘scharfes s’ in german orthography and if you want to capitalise it, you’ll have to write a double S – hence ZEISS.

traffic in hong kong 香港

hong kong, winter 2017

markets of hong kong 香港

as promised… the journey continues… some impressions from some hong kong markets, winter 2017

back to hong kong 香港

but only on my hard drive – all shots: hong kong, 2017, one year ago… more to come (and some already here)

let’s play

berlin pankow, 2018


DSC07522berlin friedrichshain, 2018

rites of passat

DSC07865jena, thüringen, 2018


poznań, poland, 2018


PB162169festsaal kreuzberg, berlin, 2018

teenage spaceship

poznań , poland, 2018

smog – teenage spaceship (click, hear)

life is…

PB102128-2but it has some amazing views to offer. berlin kreuzberg, 2018

weird aquarium

P9161168tübingen, 2018

chim chiminey

PA301835berlin mitte, 2018

if you think you have a faint idea about a song in your ear now, please confirm here!


DSC07428venlo, the netherlands, 2018

no place like home

DSC07377niederrhein, 2018

pan con tomate

P9080929barcelona, 2018

three sisters

DSC07312-2berlin friedrichshain, 2018