on blending in

P8110414tübingen, 2018

greener on the other side

P8120527tübingen, 2018

ring my bell

P8110425i’m home…

tübingen, 2018

totem pole

P7230239their placement and importance lies in the observer’s knowledge and connection to the meanings of the figures and the culture in which they are embedded.” (from: wikipedia)

montreal, canada, 2018

family constellation

P7230157-2do you see them? montreal, canada, 2018

the clash

P7230032chinatown, montreal, canada, 2018

the leaning bell twins

P7230029montreal, canada, 2018

sous le soleil exactement


it’s always nice to see the sun, though :) montreal, canada, 2018

serge gainsbourg – sous le soleil exactement (click,hear)

ps: i park here

P7230077montreal, canada, 2018

fly me to the moon


or paris will probably do, too.
aéroport de paris charles-de-gaulle, 2018


DSC04443waldenbuch, 2018


DSC05807-Bearbeitettübingen, 2018

kehrwoche? see what wikipedia has to say about it…

oh, wie schön ist kanada


berlin mitte, 2018

ich brauch’ tapetenwechsel

DSC00021i need a wallpaper change, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

hildegard knef – ich brauch’ tapetenwechsel (click, hear)

the gift

DSC05836tübingen, 2018

word on the street

DSC05813tübingen, 2018

twin cylinder

DSC04653tübingen, 2018

brushed off

DSC04971-2niederrhein, 2018


DSC04351..but i digress, tübingen, 2018

songs: ohia – tigress (click, hear)


DSC05522berlin friedrichshain, 2018