the institute of biology II

DSC08010berlin mitte, 2017

(my 1337th post here)

warm leatherette

DSC09557berlin kreuzberg, 2017

the normal – warm leatherette (click, hear)

my take on geometry

p2133807berlin lichtenberg, 2017

came for the location, stayed for the curtains

dsc08462berlin moabit, 2017

small scale cubism

dsc08075berlin neukölln, 2017

hole in one

dsc08013berlin mitte, 2017

the institute of biology

dsc08011berlin mitte, 2017

green arrow

p1203749saarbrücken, january 2017

cracks in everything

dsc06870-2let the light come in

berlin friedrichshain, 2016

silent green

dsc06256st. jean de luz, 2016


dsc07464friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

caught 22

P6063174-Bearbeitetkaiserslautern, 2016

the di\/|der

P5273035a railing, some stairs, some stones

topographie des terrors, berlin mitte, 2016

wet rock

P3121590detail of a fountain (with lamp)

berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

ring my bell

P3131615-Bearbeitetberlin, prenzlauer berg, 2016

between two pines

there is another pine

berlin, 2015

lamp shade

lamp shade

a gas lamp shade’s shadow on the wall of the (ex-)aeg turbine factory by peter behrens in berlin, moabit

it is in the fact the very lamp that is visible in the picture of the factory hall on wikipedia.

pipe holes

pipe holes

an orange abstraction from venice, italy

sticks and stones

sticks and stones

but small ones…

nice evening sunlight on a table in a beer garden in kreuzberg again… (in fact only a few minutes after i shot the opel rekord)

cast a shadow

cast a shadow

in my direction… that would be really nice because it’s hot hot hot in friedrichshain, berlin.

all versions go: beat happening (click, hear), yo la tengo (click, hear), adam green (click, hear)