the void quartet

DSC00305berlin friedrichshain, 2019

let there never be curtain drawn

P3302173between you and me, berlin schöneberg, 2019

same same

DSC00233-Bearbeitet-3…but different – müggelsee, berlin, 2019

tribute to a bus (station)

DSC09947niederrhein, 2019

18th dye – go!song [from ‘tribute to a bus’] (click, hear)

an eye for an – wait… what?

PB040124berlin friedrichshain, 2017

resting bench farce

broken, in disrepair. tübingen, 2018


tübingen, 2018


dsc08345-2another blue car in the snow – tübingen, 2018

broken window

p1201984theory or fallacy? you choose! niederrhein, 2019

let’s play

p1201968(with light and shadow), niederrhein, 2019

teenage spaceship

poznań , poland, 2018

smog – teenage spaceship (click, hear)

day of the dead

DSC06909-2poznań, poland, 2018

saludos a mexico :)

no place like home

DSC07377niederrhein, 2018

urban campfire

tübingen, 2018

installation with curve

DSC07291berlin friedrichshain, 2018


DSC05850berlin, wedding, 2018

common people

P9080962barcelona, 2018

william shatner – common people (click,hear)

if you’re waiting for a sign

DSC02259this is it!

berlin mitte, 2018

an eye for a tie

DSC06581cologne, 2018

ring my bell

P8110425i’m home…

tübingen, 2018