station blues

P3244510köln-deutz, 2017

the lower third of three

P6242334berlin moabit, 2016

public transport (colour version)

P3014040-Bearbeitetdetail of a train door, düsseldorf, 2017

looking for a sign

dsc05827saint jean de luz, france, 2016

we need another boat

dsc08307berlin friedrichshain, 2017

vision + sound

pb122135ok, that title was an easy one…

berlin mitte, 2016

the race is on again

dsc08063berlin moabit, 2017

yo la tengo – the race is on again (click,hear)


dsc08052berlin mitte, 2017


p1203756saarbrücken, january 2017

fluctuat nec mergitur

pb122150a very nice minimalistic small piece by found in a house entrance in berlin mitte, 2016

fake seahorse

_a311073berlin, moabit, 2016

remember remember, the 26th of november: vernissage at freiluftgalerie berlin

and maybe listen to devendra banhart – seahorse (click, hear) before


_a301018-001berlin mitte, 2016

post-election blues (reprise)

berlin edition (it did not hit us that hard…)

friedrichshain & moabit, 2016



pb061894-2set  x = 11 → today

berlin friedrichshain, 2016

structure (in blue)

DSC03942.jpgberlin friedrichshain, 2016


DSC03320friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

my little corner of the world

P4222789duisburg, 2016

yo la tengo – my little corner of the world (click,hear)

all these lines

P7222006berlin,  moabit, 2016


DSC01787berlin schöneberg, 2016

through blue, through pink

blue garbage bins and pink ‘honey buckets’ (yes, i’ve looked it up) lined up for the berlin half marathon a few weeks ago (in april…) 

berlin, mitte, 2016