three bananas

berlin neukölln, @ the excellent Kathrin Sonntag exhibition in the kindl centre for contemporary art, 2018

rites of passat

DSC07865jena, thüringen, 2018

life is…

PB102128-2but it has some amazing views to offer. berlin kreuzberg, 2018

autumn has arrived

PB062097-Bearbeitetand he still sports a cool car – berlin kreuzberg, 2018


DSC07428venlo, the netherlands, 2018


P8260591-2düsseldorf, 2018

sun on gaz

DSC06925poznań, poland, 2018

my autumn’s done come

berlin mitte, 2018

lee hazlewood – my autumn’s done come (click, hear)

polish polo

DSC06904from poznań in poland, 2018

sie konnten beisammen nicht kommen

P9070790zwei königskinder, barcelona, 2018

rectangles! count them all!

P8260594düsseldorf, 2018

totem pole

P7230239their placement and importance lies in the observer’s knowledge and connection to the meanings of the figures and the culture in which they are embedded.” (from: wikipedia)

montreal, canada, 2018


DSC04443waldenbuch, 2018

(another) yellow square

P6060645leipziger straße, berlin mitte, 2018

tiny reminder

DSC02622-Bearbeitetthat would be cool, wouldn’t it? berlin mitte, 2018

half and half

P8200147berlin wilmersdorf, 2017

black balloon


berlin neukölln, 2018

monster magnet – black balloon (click, hear)

yellow square

DSC00666als ob nix wär’, berlin lichtenberg, 2018

springtime with coal

DSC09827-Bearbeitetberlin, prenzlauer berg, 2017

funnily enough this is also from last year but again i bet it looked the same today :-)

shadow market (I)

P2240004boxhagener platz, berlin friedrichshain, 2018