yellow on the outside

DSC07574_sberlin friedrichshain, 2017

yellow on the inside

DSC07570friedrichshain, berlin, 2017

let there be light


fehrbelliner platz, berlin, 2017

berlin yellow

DSC02964berlin mitte, 2017

venetian yellow

DSC07213venezia, italia, 2017

common banana lurking for prey

P6056638oberschöneweide, berlin, 2017


DSC02522prignitz, brandenburg, 2017

martha and the muffins – echo beach (click, hear)

sound and vision

DSC01381-Bearbeitetberlin, 2017

dutch pride

DSC00802utrecht cs, the netherlands, 2017

baywatch (detail)

DSC00559yellow essentials at the beach of dishoek, the netherlands, 2017

too sunny

DSC00791utrecht, the netherlands, 2017

swedish ensemble

DSC09603friedrichshain, berlin, 2017

the awning

P4265468a backyard in cologne, 2017

van yellow

DSC00657middelburg, the netherlands, 2017

mitte beetle

DSC09873-Bearbeitetmitte, berlin, 2017

(still) all out of bubblegum

DSC08116(still) berlin neukölln, 2017

my take on geometry

p2133807berlin lichtenberg, 2017

came for the location, stayed for the curtains

dsc08462berlin moabit, 2017

on line

pc293363niederrhein, december 2016


pc273147a tree, reflections, yellow… of course i could not resist.

venlo, the netherlands, december 2016