someday my ship will come

DSC05237-Bearbeitetrotterdam, 2019

peter and paul

DSC07081poznań, poland, 2018

la gare zoologique

P6280680bahnhof zoo, berlin, 2018

night on earth

DSC02935ok, at least on the ruhrgebiet, duisburg, 2018

wet cemetery


san michele in isola, the church on the cemetery island of venice, italy, 2017

the ramones – wet cemetery (click, hear)

the sun even sets in the oldest towns

DSC09171-Bearbeitetfrom the oldest town in germany, trier, 2017

public transport (berlin version)

DSC09165friedrichshagen, berlin, 2017

spring is in the air

DSC09138-Bearbeitet-2friedrichshagen, berlin, march 2017


dsc07246friedrichshain,  berlin, 2016

catching the light

DSC02123-Bearbeitetby pushing the shadows…

la barena, laguna di venezia, 2015

(probably should have called it kitsch-ing the light :))

by the sea

by the sea

an evening at the beach in st. malo, france

windmill on my mind

this was seen shortly after sunset in charlottenburg, berlin.