tamron 28-75mm f2.8

rain pipes

DSC07392-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

tree hugging

DSC07434berlin friedrichshain, 2019

undercover, too

DSC07384berlin friedrichshain, 2019


DSC07387berlin friedrichshain, 2019

too much teal?

DSC05450nope, don’t think so… vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

more teal on rails

DSC05453vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

teal on rails

DSC05978vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC07302berlin lichtenberg, 2019


DSC07398berlin friedrichshain, 2019

the power of abstraction

DSC07361on concrete…from right to left, berlin friedrichshain, 2019


DSC07365berlin friedrichshain, 2019

nico – wrap your troubles in dreams (click, hear)

nasser sack

DSC07089-Bearbeitetberlin, lichtenberg, 2019

tons of red

DSC05490-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC05969-Bearbeitett’hart van’t stadje, vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

orange juice

DSC05680-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

orange juice – stanley brinks and the wave pictures (click, hear)

the multicoloured zebra

DSC05780-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

the multicoloured shades – heartbeat (click, hear)

one egg in all baskets

DSC05506-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

direkt klaar

DSC05488vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC05675-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC05451-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019