lumix 20mm

power flower

P7040026nürnberg, 2017

short break

P6266525berlin moabit, 2017

i’ll be back!

greets from nuremberg

P7040025nürnberg, franconia, 2017. by the way: this is Albrecht Dürer peeping into the u-bahn!

and a shout out to fellow blogger Marcus and his streets of nuremberg blog!


P5146267zürich, switzerland, 2017

probably not so complex if you’re used to this kind of colour coding :) 

statistics again

P6166887haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2017



P6076646moabit, berlin, 2017


P5156305horgen, lake zürich, 2017

common banana lurking for prey

P6056638oberschöneweide, berlin, 2017

shadow hunting (green)

P6026601frankfurter allee, berlin friedrichshain, 2017

shadow hunting (blue)

P6026604frankfurter allee, berlin friedrichshain, 2017

pipes, too

P5126108münchen, 2017

tramli to triemli

P5156326zürich, switzerland, 2017


P5146294venerable forbiddance from zürich, switzerland, 2017


some impressions from the viktualienmarkt, münchen, 2017

golden light / under cover

P5095975low sun in berlin moabit, 2017

reflections of typography

P5095977berlin moabit, 2017

at giza

P3214411paris, france, 2017

om – at giza (click, hear)

the awning

P4265468a backyard in cologne, 2017

where you come from

P3244532this arrow on a plane’s wing always reminded me where i came from… (in this case the arrow pointed to köln)

somewhere over germany,  2017

schnell weg 

P4145085somewhere in holland, 2017