mas não hoje!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbut not today! parabéns portugal!

lisboa, 2011



maybe someday i will

take a lookbut not this time… found in friedrichshain a while ago. i doubt the door still exists in this place, though.

curtain, green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa green curtain in a car. seen in berlin lichtenberg quite a while ago.




a garden in winter. pixelated.

the american dream

the american dream

dreamt in kreuzberg, berlin.

leaving home

leaving homeanother one from barcelona (yes, it was quite rainy then)


watery crown

watery crownmade in barcelona quite a while ago. found while flipping through the “archive”.

uphill battle

uphillfought in copenhagen last year.

last round

for 2013 that is.

i wish you all a good 2014, lots of cool new photographic and other opportunities and i am looking forward to seeing you and your great pictures on the other side!

this is a gallery of some of the shots that have been featured over the course of the last twelve months on this blog.  i’m sorry but i did not  have the time to make this post shorter ;)


dominointernationales handelszentrum (international trace center) at friedrichstrasse in berlin mitte. built in the gdr between 1976 and 1978 by the kajima corporation.


blue edge

blue edgetrovato all’aeroporto di ancona falconara. i thought it might be a suitable companion to the sculptural accident from the last post.

man in the mirror

self through omman in the mirror – of my olympus om-2n that is.

you see the lens mount of the camera and the mirror that mirrors what is behind the view finder (yes, the mirror works both ways ;)) the bright area in the middle of the mirror is the reflection of the split image focusing screen.

thanks a lot to b. who made this picture possible.


it felt a wee little bit like visiting ancient maya ruins… but it was porto san giorgio, italy.

a study in scarlet

a study in scarletshot in nørrebro last may. the colours were overwhelming!

silhouette, homeless

silhouette, homelessstattbad wedding again. the silhouette is about 10cm in height (and maybe she is just out for shopping…)

yellow curtain

yellow curtain

a truck from above. shot in moabit, berlin.

shadow playground

be part of it!


red trousersshot at the piazza in ascoli piceno, italy. you know i’m not a great people shooter but this spot of fantastic red got my attention. luckily i had the 40-150mm mounted…  one could argue about retouching the garbage out of the piazza but if you know this blog you know that i would have had put it in there if it hadn’t already been there in the first place ;) (i hope i got all the hads right…)


wetrain drops in porto san giorgio, italy.