on a tent

P6216929berlin prenzlauer berg, 2017

rainy greetings from documenta 14

DSC05182on the roof of grimmwelt, kassel 2017 – next stop: venice, 30°C :-)


DSC02595_2me & berry mcgee ♥, oberschöneweide 2017

my take on geometry

p2133807berlin lichtenberg, 2017

shadow tree all over me

pb272603-bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2016


pa211403berlin, tiergarten/schöneberg, 2016


DSC02804berlin, kreuzberg, 2016


P1239975-Bearbeitethow nice to be your valentine

berlin, 2016


DSC00758it’s carnival season and ‘helau!’ is the narrenruf in one of the capitals of carnival in germany – düsseldorf (as opposed to ‘alaaf’ in the even bigger capital of carnival – cologne). this is a window of the haus des karnevals in düsseldorf’s old town. i found it surprisingly austere.

you typically don’t get to notice  anything carnivalistic over here in berlin. that’s actually quite okay, though :)

me as the shadow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAberlin, moabit, 2016

me in the s-bahn

DSC00267-Bearbeitetostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2015


yellow polygon

i would have loved it to be a yellow triangle or at least a yellow trapezoid but in the end it was only a polygon. but a yellow one.

from moabit, berlin.

red carpet

red carpet

me on the red carpet at ifa 2015, berlin

me in the grass

me in the grass

back from st. malo, france. more to come, bien sûr…

half of me

half of me

or rather three quarters…

venice, 2015

a self study in scarlet

a self study in scarlet

i got the great vivian maier’s self-portrait book as a present recently and felt inspired to post this picture i took in the streets of amsterdam last year.

hiding fading


berlin’s public transport welcomes you.

hiding/fading by ms john soda (click, hear)

vivian and me

vivian and me

if you haven’t heard of vivian maier yet, i guess i can’t help you here… oh wait – i probably can:

this is from the traveling vivian maier exhibition that’s currently being hosted in the willy-brandt-haus, berlin. it’s running till 12 april so hurry up, if you’d like to see it, too.

words of advice

words of advice

not only for young people… from kreuzberg with love :)

pola and me

pola and mefound in the westbahnstrasse in vienna. if you are interested in photography (and I bet you are) and photographic gear you should visit this street when in vienna. it’s packed with galleries and photographica shops. we do not have something even remotely similar here in berlin (or do we? please give me a hint!)