puff puff goes the cotton candy train

from switzerland to italy, 2022

bye bye basel

basel, switzerland, 2022


berlin alexanderplatz, 2022

big O

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

hard to miss

DSC08340-Bearbeitet| O | S | T | K | R | E | U | Z |, berlin friedrichshain, 2020

reality distortion field

DSC05257active in rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

driving home for christmas

somewhere between hannover and bielefeld, 2018

i’ll spare you the music…

driving home from christmas


in a train somewhere between roosendaal and dordrecht. yesterday.

they say the best camera is the one that’s with you. in this case it was not that simple – the (presumably) best camera was buried in my suitcase, the second best camera was deep in my rucksack… so i tried the third best camera (my mobile phone) and yes, i am quite pleased with the result.


DSC04675i learned a new word in kassel, 2017


all over the land

DSC05212somewhere between kassel and berlin, summer 2017

dutch pride

DSC00802utrecht cs, the netherlands, 2017

station blues

P3244510köln-deutz, 2017

public transport (colour version)

P3014040-Bearbeitetdetail of a train door, düsseldorf, 2017


P6063194-Bearbeitetenjoying the view at train station mannheim, 2016

they call it progress but it’s just movement

from a train, somewhere between duisburg and berlin, 2016

the title of this post is (slightly adapted) from the song ‘just movement’ by robert delong (click,hear)

bon voyage

from a train, somewhere between maastricht and trier, december 2014

when travelling

when travelling

don’t leave your garbage unattended…

shot from a train somewhere in germany…



wolfsburg, the home of volkswagen. shot from within the train to berlin

update: this shot is from hannover, though, but wolfsburg definitely makes a better title :)

thanks a lot to Taupunkt von blogbimmel for the clarification… i had not taken proper notes apparently…

the awful german language


try to pronounce this!

just kidding – it’s of course an abbreviation. but i’m not sure whether that makes things any better – it stands for Warmwasserheizung über Kühlwasserumlauf oder Ölbefeuerung, selbstregelnd.

from the magnificent leipzig central station, june 2015

mossy rust

mossy rustor was it rusty moss? this is from the landschaftspark nord in duisburg.