P2032059-Bearbeitet-2niederrhein, 2019

swallowtail in blue


berlin friedrichshain, 2019

(swallow -> schwalbe in german… -> schwalbe -> a german motor scooter – yes, the one on the left)

the system

had a glitch…, trier 2019

cream cheese

prenzlauer berg, berlin, 2016

strange moss

DSC07297berlin friedrichshain, 2018

night over hong kong 香港

that’s that for hong kong… pictures taken november/december 2017

traffic in hong kong 香港

hong kong, winter 2017

markets of hong kong 香港

as promised… the journey continues… some impressions from some hong kong markets, winter 2017

back to hong kong 香港

but only on my hard drive – all shots: hong kong, 2017, one year ago… more to come (and some already here)

for lack of a better cone

DSC06938poznań, poland, 2018


barcelona, 2018

something fishy

poznań, poland, 2018

sun on gaz

DSC06925poznań, poland, 2018

peter parker was here

DSC06593cologne, 2018

my favourite superhero… maybe not only because we share the same initials :)

on blending in

P8110414tübingen, 2018

the garbage man can

P7230160montreal, canada, 2018

the simpsons – the garbage man can (click,hear) ok, that was really obvious :-)

gone banking

P7230092la banque de montréal in the early morning light (thank you, jet lag!) montreal, canada, 2018

wait, go, straight on, right, orange, blue, green, red

P7230057that all caught my eye in montreal, canada, 2018

closing time

P7230242montreal, canada, 2018

finally solved!

P7240254the mystery of smelly metro stations! montreal, canada, 2018