french connection

berlin friedrichshain, 2022

bricks over untroubled water

berlin treptow, 2021

waiting in line

berlin lichtenberg, 2021

a yellow line

or rather a curve… berlin kreuzberg, 2021

the darker days

berlin oberschöneweide, 2021

shelter in place

hamburg, 2021

on green street

hamburg, 2021

grant green – no.1 green street (click, hear)

too hot in hamburg

or maybe erwin wurm has been practicing here? – hamburg, 2021

starry night

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

wet red

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

angry milkman

berlin wedding, 2021

the elephant outside the room

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

crosstown traffic

so hard to get through to you, berlin wedding, 2021

jimi hendrix – crosstown traffic (click, hear)


berlin kreuzberg, 2020

second to all

berlin charlottenburg, 2020

don’t look back in anger (this time for real!)

i used the title of this post already in 2015… but this time it’s for real! 2020 – i don’t give a penny…

not everything was bad of course, far from it… i just kind of don’t feel like writing about it here. let’s simply hope for the best next year.

thanks a lot to my friendly followers, the likable likers and the regular regulars! it still is only fun because you are here! i hope to see you all safe, healthy and in good spirit again on the other side.

have a good one!

cheers, peter

…and instead of a playlist – here is my honourable mention for song of the year: “the burning hell – i want to drink in a bar” (don’t miss out on this!):

quarantäneelfen helfen

berlin friedrichshain, 2020

grinding halt

berlin lichtenberg, 2020

popchor berlin – grinding halt (click, hear)

wednesday blues

berlin mitte, 2020

nochmal rot-weiß bitte

berlin friedrichshain, 2020