sony 50mm f1.8

the science of the lamp

DSC06514-Bearbeitetoptics of course…, berlin charlottenburg, 2019

the ping pong dialogs

DSC06548-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019


DSC06523-Bearbeitetberlin charlottenburg, 2019

human tetris performance – guillaume reymond (click, hear)

i’ll be your mirror

DSC06143hamburg, 2019

the velvet underground & nico – i’ll be your mirror (click, hear)

hop on

DSC06133hop off, hamburg, 2019

there’s something about marcel

hamburg, 2019

saul and me

DSC03253one of my favourite saul leiter photographs – and me… munich, 2019

made in munich at the wonderful Saul Leiter Retrospective at the Versicherungskammer Bayern. the exhibition is still running until 15th september, so hurry up.




word on the street

DSC00794berlin friedrichshain, 2019

metronomy – not made for love [leo zero remix] (click, hear)

the look

DSC02842berlin kreuzberg, 2019

metronomy – the look (click, hear)

stone cold

DSC02825berlin friedrichshain, 2019

tom waits, roberto benigni, john lurie – i scream for ice cream (click, hear)


DSC01354-Bearbeitetberlin marzahn, 2019


DSC01283berlin marzahn, 2019


DSC01307.jpgberlin marzahn, 2019


DSC01288berlin, marzahn, 2019


DSC01320berlin marzahn, 2019

bill callahan – in the pines (click, hear)

on staying away

DSC00070-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

going down

DSC02224-Bearbeitet-2berlin ostkreuz, 2019

water world ii

DSC02221berlin mitte, 2019

cf. Hinweisschilder für Wasser-Versorgungsleitungen :-)

water world

DSC02214-Bearbeitetberlin mitte, 2019

shady cubism

DSC02168berlin mitte, 2019