the netherlands

gesloten met vakantie

rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

see you soon!


P5112651venlo, 2019

geometry 102

P5112656-2venlo, 2019

der mai ist gekommen

DSC00990-Bearbeitetutrecht, 2017 – no, i haven’t bought it ;-)

saal 2 – die internationale (click, hear)


DSC07428venlo, the netherlands, 2018

moon child sheep


shortly after the moonrise, den burg, texel, 2017

i made some cheap sheep imitation sounds to keep the sheep’s attention for the 2 seconds of exposure. maybe i should have tried the following classic moon song in the first place: fields of the nephilim – moonchild (click, hear)

shadow on the wall (again)

DSC03129venlo, the netherlands, 2018


DSC03117venlo, the netherlands, 2018


P4140033venlo, the netherlands, 2018

red angle

P4140021venlo, the netherlands, 2018

at the dark end of the street


this time in venlo, the netherlands, 2018

at the dark end of the street – james carr (click, hear)

driving home from christmas


in a train somewhere between roosendaal and dordrecht. yesterday.

they say the best camera is the one that’s with you. in this case it was not that simple – the (presumably) best camera was buried in my suitcase, the second best camera was deep in my rucksack… so i tried the third best camera (my mobile phone) and yes, i am quite pleased with the result.

diagonal world

P4145089an emergency exit, somewhere in the netherlands, 2017

the other eleven

DSC03697den burg, texel, 2017

de kerk

DSC03787den burg, the netherlands, 2017

heap space

DSC04247oudeschild, texel, 2017


DSC03581somewhere in noord-holland, 2017

don’t pay the ferry, man!

DSC03624don’t even fix. the price!

leaving den helder, the netherlands, 2017


the other lighthouse

DSC00292from kaapduinen, the netherlands, 2017

postcard from kaapduinen

DSC00295-Bearbeitetkaapduinen, the netherlands, 2017