spring (back) inside (again)

P3170812-Bearbeitetberlin mitte, 2018

 so again a weather related post… i apologise for that inconvenience

springtime with coal

DSC09827-Bearbeitetberlin, prenzlauer berg, 2017

funnily enough this is also from last year but again i bet it looked the same today :-)

van yellow

DSC00657middelburg, the netherlands, 2017

weather changes moods

DSC09721friedrichshain, berlin, early spring 2017

nirvana – in bloom (click, hear)

warm leatherette

DSC09557berlin kreuzberg, 2017

the normal – warm leatherette (click, hear)

dead eyes

DSC09424some cheap criticism of consumerism in the glaring light of early spring from berlin weißensee, 2017

my motto

DSC09399-2berlin friedrichshain, 2017

springtime in paris

P3214393-2the robot cleaner does its job at the louvre pyramid, paris, 21.03.2017

in bloom

P4292094berlin, moabit, 2016

nirvana – in bloom, 1991 (click, hear) (just a tiny reminder: 1991 is a quarter century ago)

berlin sakura

P3312028-Bearbeitet-2moabit, berlin, 2016

one man’s fall

another man's fall

is another woman’s spring. greetings to the southern hemisphere.

duisburg, spring 2015

the door

the door

another one from the garden of remembrance in duisburg’s inner harbour.

april, 2015

throwing in the towel

throwing in the towelfound last weekend in friedrichshain, berlin. the boxers had left already.

rites of spring

rites of spring

winter seems to be over here in berlin…

seen and captured in friedrichshain, berlin on a sunny day (already in january) with the olympus 35rc.


exuberancetoo much? i don’t think so ;)


spring, finally?…spring? admittedly behind a window. so at least a new entry for the window series

(forecast for today: thunderstorm! is that really necessary?)

someday my spring will come

spring has sprungit simply can’t go on like this forever…  seen in wien last week.

on another note: check out miles davis’ someday my prince will come