pieces of pavia (v)

pavia, italy, 2022

bits of basel (i)

basel, switzerland, 2022

colour test drive

with trees…, berlin neukölln, 2022

texture triangle

PA140507berlin, kreuzberg, 2017

my motto

DSC09399-2berlin friedrichshain, 2017

busload of colours

dsc05336-3on the bus to bayonne in september, 2016

busload of faith, lou reed, 1989 (click,hear)

car in yellow

car in yellow

found in kreuzberg right at the border to treptow.

i am not sure about the meaning of the colourful markings on the street. maybe they mark the beginning of some kind of zone but i don’t know. do you?

autumn in new york


autumn in new yorkor was it zurich?

autumn’s done come

yellow on yellow

yellow on red

yellow on brownleaves on cars. fallen in berlin friedrichshain. this post’s title is inspired by lee hazlewood’s fantastic ‘my autumn’s done come’.


pastelspastelly architecture, shot not far away from the dutch border… (with the panaleica 25mm again)

have a seat


have a seat (if you can)

i think i couldn’t decide on a colour here…  seen in the kunsthal in rotterdam.