at the dark end of the street

DSC09473berlin weißensee, 2017

james carr – the dark end of the street (click, hear)

springtime in paris

P3214393-2the robot cleaner does its job at the louvre pyramid, paris, 21.03.2017

spring is in the air

DSC09138-Bearbeitet-2friedrichshagen, berlin, march 2017

postcard from berlin II

DSC02834st.michael kirche, berlin mitte 2016

hidden train

dsc06856-bearbeitetberlin  friedrichshain, 2016


dsc06294st. jean de luz, september 2016

(and a shout-out to my friend Sebastian over at mehrlicht)


pb061894-2set  x = 11 → today

berlin friedrichshain, 2016

breaking the waves

dsc05426anglet, france, 2016

between a rock and a hard place

DSC04488tübingen, august 2016


DSC03320friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

structure (in red)

DSC03193berlin, friedrichshain, 2016


DSC01693the other yellow

friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

two times a day

P2230819this clock is correct…

neukölln, berlin, 2016

red crossing

DSC04229-Bearbeitetessen, ruhr, 2015



in the early hours of the morning. st. malo, france.

send in the clouds

send in the clouds

don’t bother they’re here

berlin charlottenburg, may 2015

pigeonholed 2

pigeonholed 2
ok, this time it’s just about pigeons i promise.

this is again from duisburg and it was of course a lucky shot. i actually wanted to get the lamps pigeonholed into the window frames when the real pigeons suddenly turned up.

cloud scraping


happy rotterdam, to have such giant mirrors.

this is a quite old picture (made with the lx-3) that i found on the bottom of my drafts list. i found it interesting enough to put it on top of this very list again :)


cowsanother one from the summer and the netherlands. this was made quite close to muiderslot.

one stop bible shop

bible shop

the bijbelkiosk in scheveningen, den haag, the netherlands. summer 2014