postcard material

DSC09093-Bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2020


rtanj, serbia, 2019

logging framework

rtanj, serbia, 2019


dsc08509niederrhein, 2018

joy division – shadowplay (click, hear)


trier, 2018



sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

hot hot heat – bandages (click, hear)

some walls have some eyes

P2210811some trees and some reflections on some walls somewhere in berlin moabit, 2018

frozen zone (III)

P1013620trier, 2016

frozen zone (I)

P1013604trier, 2016

the sun even sets in the oldest towns

DSC09171-Bearbeitetfrom the oldest town in germany, trier, 2017

purple from a train

DSC09051somewhere in east berlin, 2017

today – one year ago (I)

DSC03312-2duisburg, garten der erinnerung, 13.04.2015

living room with trees

P2291259berlin, friedrichshain, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAherzberge, berlin lichtenberg, 2015

and the trees clap their hands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa hoop and some trees

friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

winter tour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAniederrhein, december 2015


treeeeesluckily one can still see the forest.

made in poland 2013


transitionstill some leaves left. but winter is close.

this is for my nephew who transitions to his sixth year today.


entwinedlooking up is hard to do… but i did it in berlin weißensee.


to the beach

to the beach I

to the beach IIi you want to have the beach you have to have the forest. at least on the island of sobieszewo and probably most other places at the baltic sea.

my first attempts with vertical panning with the e-p5. that seems to work reasonably well… but i guess it would have worked with the e-pl1, too.