dink pice

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

pretty in pink

berlin weissensee, 2021

it had certain rings to it

heringsdorf, 2020

trying to make the best out of it

DSC09287a dumpster and a porta potty, berlin friedrichshain, 2020

bonnie ‘prince’ billy – this is far from over (click, hear)

at the corner

DSC08557-2friedrichshain/prenzlauer berg, berlin, 2020

balcony in agony

PB300464-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitet-2berlin lichtenberg, 2019


P9020003-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2019

i was strangely attracted

DSC03963of course it’s the colours! but maybe it had something to do with the raw energy of the brushstrokes in brown…?

berlin, friedrichshain, 2016


tübingen, 2018

pink alert

P7230222montreal, canada, 2018

pipe dream


berlin friedrichshain, 2018

i noticed i hadn’t featured one of the well-known (yet still mysterious enough) pink pipes of berlin for quite some time… consider that fixed.

rose-coloured glasses

PB260191i didn’t need them in hong kong, 2017

more pipes

PB040225-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2017

through blue, through pink

blue garbage bins and pink ‘honey buckets’ (yes, i’ve looked it up) lined up for the berlin half marathon a few weeks ago (in april…) 

berlin, mitte, 2016

pink light

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december 2015

micro architecture

micro architecturemicro architecture in a bar. found right at the border between kreuzberg and treptow in berlin.

brooks rosé


brooks rosé

that’s obviously a colours photo. found in berlin friedrichshain.

throwing in the towel (pink)

throwing in the towelshot on sobieszewo again.

nature study

naturstudiewhat a great idea! between a lot of (interesting!) ancient roman and greek sculptures suddenly this piece (nature study, 1984) by the great louise bourgeois struck us! hats off to the ny carlsberg glyptotek in copenhagen. we are absolutely thrilled.

and why do i always have to think of henry mancini when i look at this photo? ;)

springtime in friedrichshain

springtime in friedrichshainseen the day after the infamous herrentag on my way to work. i swear this wasn’t staged ;)

shot with my trusty combination of the still fantastic lumix 20mm and the e-pl1.