the look

DSC02842berlin kreuzberg, 2019

metronomy – the look (click, hear)

tired agAIn

DSC00087berlin kreuzberg, 2019

the silence of the lamp

DSC00319berlin kreuzberg, 2019

the letter

DSC00088berlin kreuzberg, 2019

lou rawls – the letter (click, hear)

just another shadow

DSC00091berlin kreuzberg, 2019

four blind men

PB102139and no elephant…, berlin kreuzberg, 2018


PB162169festsaal kreuzberg, berlin, 2018

life is…

PB102128-2but it has some amazing views to offer. berlin kreuzberg, 2018

autumn has arrived

PB062097-Bearbeitetand he still sports a cool car – berlin kreuzberg, 2018

ice factory

PA301806-Bearbeitetkreuzberg, berlin, 2018


PA311863berlin kreuzberg, 2018

smile, and the world smiles with you

DSC07314cry, and you cry alone

kreuzberg, berlin, 2018

layer upon layer

P4210189berlin kreuzberg, 2018

rocket number 9


berlin kreuzberg, 2018

sun ra arkestra – rocket number 9 (click, hear)

running on empty


berlin kreuzberg, 2018

if you’re intrigued by rassistische kackscheisse… it’s quite literally “racist crap shit”

washed ashore

DSC08498a lonely island in the sea – kreuzberg, berlin 2017

washed ashore – the platters (click, hear)


P4285501kreuzberg, berlin, 2017


DSC08488as seen from plato’s cave.

berlin friedrichshain, 2017

oberbaum bridge connects friedrichshain (former east-berlin) and kreuzberg (former west-berlin) crossing the river spree and is one of the better-known landmarks in the eastern center of berlin.

the air

DSC04645berlin kreuzberg, 2017

cast a shadow

DSC09552the shadow of a street lamp in kreuzberg, berlin, spring 2017

beat happening – cast a shadow (click, hear)