lions’ gate (landscapism iv)

trier, 2023

the bee hotel (landscapism iii)

trier, 2023

landscapism ii

trier, 2023


trier, 2023

puff puff goes the cotton candy train

from switzerland to italy, 2022

hauptsache es ist beton

das betonschiff von redentin, 2022

we’re a lot like you were

dallgow-döberitz, brandenburg, 2022

neil young – old man (click, hear)

grainy details

dallgow-döberitz, brandenburg, 2022

haylage ii (wenn man schon mal da ist…)

dallgow-döberitz, brandenburg, 2022


dallgow-döberitz, brandenburg, 2022

fence electric

niederrhein, 2021

the dead weather – are f(r)ence electric (click, hear)

slow and steady

DSC00003-Bearbeitetat least in berlin lichtenberg, 2020

… and that was (an admittedly short) animal week here on .documenting.the.obvious

old world flycatcher in action

DSC09966-Bearbeiteta.k.a. the nightingale… berlin friedrichshain, rummelsburger bucht, 2020

hidden heron

DSC09958-Bearbeitetanimal week is starting here on .documenting.the.obvious! berlin friedrichshain, 2020

postcard from friedrichshain

DSC09950-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2020

…and completely unrelated to the picture but very related to the death of tony allen:

tony allen & jeff mills – the night watcher (click, hear)

hard to miss

DSC08340-Bearbeitet| O | S | T | K | R | E | U | Z |, berlin friedrichshain, 2020

when it rains in texas

PC200616-Bearbeitetit snows on the spree, berlin moabit, 2019

hochzeitskapelle – when it rains in texas (it snows on the rhine) [click hear]

it’s not easy being green

rtanj, serbia, 2019



…on different scales

rtanj, serbia, 2019


aff_DSC00228-2müggelsee, berlin, 2019