urban plant

P5022425duisburg, 2016

diagonal world

P4145089an emergency exit, somewhere in the netherlands, 2017

the backyard

DSC04627friedrichshain, berlin, 2017

the backyard – dinosaur jr. (click, hear)

tree, wall, sun

DSC02629oberschöneweide, berlin, 2017

the institute of biology II

DSC08010berlin mitte, 2017

(my 1337th post here)

pink vs. blue

DSC09389friedrichshain, berlin, 2017

good luck

DSC09435-4berlin weißensee, 2017

schnell weg 

P4145085somewhere in holland, 2017

day of the tentacle

P3284585a plane tree in berlin tiergarten, 2017

couple with tree

pb272606-2berlin lichtenberg, 2016


dsc08073i guess i have a soft spot for trees in front of buildings…

berlin neukölln, february 2017

the institute of biology

dsc08011berlin mitte, 2017

winter tree

p1303768berlin friedrichshain, january 2017

still hanging around

dsc07960-2one of the pictures from my ‘container love’ exhibition that btw. is still ongoing until 23rd february 2017 at the freiluftgalerie in berlin friedrichshain :-) 



pc283343niederrhein, december 2016

(and i promise this is the last one of my dabblings in landscape photography – for now :))


PC283217.jpgfour knotted willows, niederrhein, december 2016


pc273147a tree, reflections, yellow… of course i could not resist.

venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

winter window

pc313486-2from the oldest city in germany, made with the last light of the last year

hidden train

dsc06856-bearbeitetberlin  friedrichshain, 2016

quiet days in cliché 

happy holidays to all of you!