let’s face it again

P7290377berlin lichtenberg, 2018

let’s face it

P7290369-2scaring rats in berlin lichtenberg, 2018

wrapped red

DSC04098berlin lichtenberg, 2018

join the caravan

DSC04091berlin lichtenberg, 2018

john rambo

DSC00676berlin lichtenberg, 2018

yellow square

DSC00666als ob nix wär’, berlin lichtenberg, 2018

(one) 2 tree

DSC08560berlin lichtenberg, 2017

twin world

DSC07594-3berlin, lichtenberg, 2017

palm house

DSC09968lichtenberg, berlin 2017

my take on geometry

p2133807berlin lichtenberg, 2017

uncharted area

dsc08861berlin lichtenberg, 2017

prickly relationship 

pb272609-6berlin lichtenberg, 2016

couple with tree

pb272606-2berlin lichtenberg, 2016

shadow tree all over me

pb272603-bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2016

the dent

DSC01321lichtenberg, berlin, 2016


DSC01296lichtenberg, berlin, 2016

those drips of paint are sometimes called “lacknasen” (varnish noses)  in german. i find the tears-metaphor a bit more transparent.

only anarchists

DSC01087berlin, lichtenberg, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAherzberge, berlin lichtenberg, 2015

no open fire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAin lichtenberg, berlin, 2015

through blue

DSC00340-Bearbeitetpeeking through the nicely graphical fence of a car repair service in berlin lichtenberg.