the hardest buttons to button


berlin schöneberg kreuzberg (thanks, manfred!), 2018

white stripes – hardest button to button (click,hear)

bavarian place

PA140326-2in the heart of berlin…

berlin schöneberg, 2017

parallel world

P6116738südgelände, berlin, 2017

water tower

P6116759priesterweg, berlin schöneberg, 2017

not really a becher view, but it was no becher weather either :)

the flash

P6116856priesterweg, berlin schöneberg, 2017

the silence of the lamp

P6116761berlin schöneberg, 2017

i really like how the shadow is almost twice as long as the lamp itself. that way the picture gets that nice little asymmetrical twist.


pa211403berlin, tiergarten/schöneberg, 2016

tiles, tiles

P3191616berlin, schöneberg, 2016


P3191625schöneberg, berlin, 2016

hol kohlen – winter’s coming

hol kohlen

hol kohlen! get coals!

this is from berlin schöneberg and it’s of course actually holZ & kohlen (wood & coals) but somehow the Z and the ampersand* have gone astray. and probably the coal merchant, too.


*it could of course have been a ‘+’ or a ‘u.’ (for ‘und’) instead of an ampersand. but i really like the word ampersand, so i stick with it :)