warm leatherette

DSC09557berlin kreuzberg, 2017

the normal – warm leatherette (click, hear)


  1. Ah…. The Normal. I remember hearing John Peel play the single when it was first released. He introduced me to lots of interesting music and this single made it into my collection. It was the first Mute record! Who could have known back then what the future and Mute records would bring us…
    It’s a dark record. I’m glad you went with the song title and not the handbrake reference!!!
    Best wishes
    Mr C :-)

    1. I used to listen to John Peel on BFBS in the nineties and I really loved his great taste and genre-defying eclecticism. I guess I owe him a lot.

      Maybe I can use the handbrake reference another time… but maybe not :)

      Best wishes to you!

      1. Unfortunately I don’t. A woman I knew who ran a record shop, when I went to buy a new needle for my record player, told me they weren’t being made anymore. I can’t remember exactly what she said now but I thought she meant not at all. So I sold my albums and later on I gave my singles away. I had so much independent label stuff. :(

      2. I don’t miss them, actually. I used to be heavily into music especially local independents but as I’ve become older I really really like silence, or what passes for silence.

      3. haha, i think i know what you mean :)
        i’m still quite into music but not as much as earlier… i go to concerts relatively often and i really like that. especially when i can take pictures while listening :)

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