m.zuiko 12-40mm

tales from the trash

p8250579-bearbeitetniederrhein, 2018

four blind men

PB102139and no elephant…, berlin kreuzberg, 2018

they might come in handy

barcelona, 2018

night over hong kong 香港

that’s that for hong kong… pictures taken november/december 2017

traffic in hong kong 香港

hong kong, winter 2017

markets of hong kong 香港

as promised… the journey continues… some impressions from some hong kong markets, winter 2017


poznań, poland, 2018

unter der hand

PA301816berlin mitte, 2018

‘unter der hand’ by case maclaim – i’ve never seen this mural in the sunlight before (since i’ve never been there in the morning before :))

teenage spaceship

poznań , poland, 2018

smog – teenage spaceship (click, hear)

life is…

PB102128-2but it has some amazing views to offer. berlin kreuzberg, 2018

weird aquarium

P9161168tübingen, 2018

autumn has arrived

PB062097-Bearbeitetand he still sports a cool car – berlin kreuzberg, 2018

one way street

PB062103berlin mitte, 2018

ice factory

PA301806-Bearbeitetkreuzberg, berlin, 2018

guten morgen berlin

berlin friedrichshain, 2018


PA311863berlin kreuzberg, 2018

adele berlin

PA301789-2tried another way to work – worked :)

berlin friedrichshain, 2018

pan con tomate

P9080929barcelona, 2018

could have been anywhere today

…but was montreal, canada, 2018

urban campfire

tübingen, 2018