let the air come in (and out again)

P4021178another one from the nice bus we’ve found in tübingen, 2018

separation of concerns

P4021179blinkenlights from tübingen, 2018

street light

PC020441i thoroughly enjoyed the nice light at this street crossing in hong kong, 2017

descending diagonals

P2260318-Bearbeitetsankt petersburg, russia, 2018

bus stops

P2260096sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

we all live in a yellow bus

P8200156 berlin wilmersdorf, 2017

we have yellow buses here, too!



tribute to a bus

PB270443hong kong, 2017

18th dye – poolhouse blue [from the ‘tribute to a bus’ album] (click,hear)

end of line

P9070303-Bearbeitet-2berlin friedrichshain, 2017

too sunny

DSC00791utrecht, the netherlands, 2017


p1203756saarbrücken, january 2017

urban chameleon

pa131204-2berlin, moabit, october 2016

busload of colours

dsc05336-3on the bus to bayonne in september, 2016

busload of faith, lou reed, 1989 (click,hear)

orthogonal signals

DSC03738berlin, potsdamer platz, 2016

yellow rising

DSC03743-Bearbeitetberlin, potsdamer platz, 2016

(shh – the om zuiko 100mm f2.8 is a gem)

behind the wheel

P1310036-Bearbeitet-2berlin, wedding, 2016

ad lib

P1310031-Bearbeitetberlin, wedding, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwinter window tree

moabit, berlin, today

issue de secours

DSC08075-Bearbeitet-2an emergency exit in a french bus in st. malo.

from the bus

from the bus

while my sister and her family have been visiting berlin i used the opportunity to attend a sight seeing tour on a berlin double decker cabrio bus with them. living in berlin for quite some time now it was an interesting experience. i knew all the places of course but i somehow could manage to see them with fresher different eyes.  this picture was taken in the hauptbahnhof quarter. maybe some more will follow.



or at least helpful in berlin these days…

on the bus 245 on my way to foto meyer to return the rented m.zuiko 12-40mm with which this picture was made. a great lens, in every respect.

btw. good bye, oranje. it would have been great.